The Other Side

'I have to see him...'
When Catherine is shipped off to a foriegn boarding school, she is desperate to escape. Every night, she visits the walls that surrounds her prison, only to hear a voice on the other side. Aaron seems to be perfect, she can't see him but as their love grows so does her desperation.


2. Attempted Escape

Chapter 2:      Attempted Escape

I was woken by the sound of a young girl crying.

"I WANT TO GO HOME!" She wailed, enveloped in her deep night-mare. Glancing up at the old grandfather-clock, I saw that it was half-past two in the morning. All around me laid a variety of small girls; some snuggling up to rags, others mumbling and sighing in an oblivious state. I was suprised the crying girl hadn't woken them up. It didnt take a second for me to make up my mind. I grabbed my bag and made my way towards the door, dodging all the sleeping bodies. By now a handful of staff were probably making their way up here, so I had to be quick. Rushing along the corridor, I was suprised to see no one on guard-duty, therefore I could probably escape now without anyone noticing.

I ran out of the doors- grinning in delight at my cunning plan- and across the field, before making my way towards the brick wall again. My bag hit the ground and the contents spilled out just as I reached the hidden clearing. I shoved my few belongings back into the bag and sat down to think. By the looks of things I wasn't going to be able to climb over the wall, let alone make a hole.

"Great!" I thought- now I really was in a mess. Before I knew it a single tear rolled down my cheek and splattered onto the pavement and then many more followed. I couldn't believe it! I was crying! What on Earth had gotten into me? I shook my head and pulled myself together. This was no time for childish actions- I had to get out of here. Just as I was about to give up I heard a deep cough coming from the other side of the wall.

"Who is there?!" I called cautiously.......


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