The Other Side

'I have to see him...'
When Catherine is shipped off to a foriegn boarding school, she is desperate to escape. Every night, she visits the walls that surrounds her prison, only to hear a voice on the other side. Aaron seems to be perfect, she can't see him but as their love grows so does her desperation.


1. Isolated hell

Chapter1:    Isolated Hell

"Stay in line, CATHERINE!"

Miss Reed's sharp screech cut through my daydream like a knife, I stood up straight and ignored the taunting sniggers which filled the air.

"S-s-sorry Miss." I stuttered.

I was probably the oldest girl at Glentwood Boarding School for Young Ladies, and definitely the strangest. Unlike the other girls, I didn't talk or have any friends, but then I didn't have a past either, or at least not one that I could remember. I was 16 years of age and trapped in this isolated hell. Three days had past since my unexplained arrival and I was already desperate to escape.

"All right girls, you now have a generous amount of fifteen minutes to get some fresh air and improve your filthy manners. GO!"

In a desperate attempt to make the most of those fifteen minutes of freedom, an assortment of girls rushed to the ivy-covered doors and filed into a wobbly line. As the doors creaked open, everyone spilled out onto the massive field. I made my way across the lush grass, heading towards the farthest corner and slouching down beside a tall, menacing, brick wall.

Luckily I was out of sight here, and so the demon headmistress- Miss Reed or one of her devilish diciple couldn't see me in such an 'unladylike' manner. My battered finger traced the outline of the rust-coloured bricks and I sighed in depression. It was the same every day; we dressed, ate, prayed and sung hymns to Mrs Pike's squeaky piano, before retiring to bed at 7 o'clock. If we were lucky we had 'fifteen minutes of freedom' (as I called it) but normally we were scribbling away at pathetic notebooks, learning the same thing over and over and over.....

Eeeeeek Miss Reed shattered my thoughts for the second time as she blew her scarlett whistle. I straightened my black choker-necklace under my blouse and followed a crowd of girls who were half my age. At least we all had one thing in common: abadonment.

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