See My Past To Understand My Future

A tragic love story that I wrote a long time ago, it may seem confusing as it goes from present to past and vice versa. The chapters will be short, I hope you find it interesting. :D

It's my first story to publish here.


5. Ring


“Urg. College.” She groaned in her blue cushioned chair.


“That’s not a very good way to start the day Lea” a boy commented from behind her, she knitted her eyebrows together and turned to see who the intruder of her thoughts was. It was none other than her irritating classmate Lucas.

“Leave me alone, Lucas.” She snapped and rubbed her temples.


“Okay…” he put his arms up as if in surrender "Call me Luke." chukling to himself that Lea didn't realize the obvious pun in their names. As he kept quiet, the glistening diamond ring on her engagement finger caught his eye. His eyes widened as he grabbed her hand and looked at the metal loop closely, Lea was taken aback by this sudden gesture, she could feel his warm breath just at the tips of her cold fingers and it felt… extraordinary. Although, Lea ignored this warm feeling and set her eyes on the ring she had protected since—

“Wow… is that real?” he asked amusingly but Lea refused to answer as she yanked her hand back almost brutally from his soft grip. No one is to touch the engagement ring.


“What’s wrong? Your fiancée might get angry?” he asked again just about sarcastically.

“Shut up.”


“I don’t care if your engaged… a little disappointed maybe but come on. I think you over reacted a little bit”

“Shut. UP.”


“He’s not here is he? Everyone knows you’re engaged but nobody’s even heard about your husband-to-be. Where is he? I’m beginning to think he’s dead—”

“SHUT UP!” Lea screamed. “That is NONE of your business! Just know when enough is enough okay?!” Her feet then ran out of class with a strong force of angry stomping action within her feet, the professor and pupils glared and the scene with an awkward atmosphere. Lucas just watched Lea walk away distressed, wiping her every tear every time she took a step. He spoke to himself ‘Was it something I said?’


Lea jogged to the ladies room and locked herself in a cubicle. “Dom… I can’t take it anymore…” she wept while spinning the ring on her finger, as if her lover was inside the ring, she talked to it. “Don’t worry… we’ll be together again soon. I promise.”

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