See My Past To Understand My Future

A tragic love story that I wrote a long time ago, it may seem confusing as it goes from present to past and vice versa. The chapters will be short, I hope you find it interesting. :D

It's my first story to publish here.


1. Past is...

They say that the past is a foreign country, they do things differently there. But they also say that whatever happened in the past has all worked together to bring you to this very moment, to where you are and what you stand for.

However, what if the past is somewhat agonizing, so sorrowful that had you locked frozen on where you stood? The feelings that you thought or would’ve wanted to disappear stayed and haunted you. Wouldn’t it be torture? How would you get on in the future… or survive the present? I only know one person who suffered such distress, and that is… Han Lea.

Her life was basically described as a block of wood, simple and straightforward. Boring and heavy. When designed, it presents us with a beautiful piece of art. When thrown or chipped, the beauty is no longer noticeable. It is also very predictable.

Until one entwines with the other, who was connected to another. Plus a twist to act as a metal chain to make them one.

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