See My Past To Understand My Future

A tragic love story that I wrote a long time ago, it may seem confusing as it goes from present to past and vice versa. The chapters will be short, I hope you find it interesting. :D

It's my first story to publish here.


3. ...It was then


“Dom, we don’t have to do this.” Lea complained with her eyes focused on the scenery outside her window. Dominic took a quick glance at her and went back to the road.

“Yes, we do. It’s your birthday…and I will not let you spend it alone again. That’s what I’m here for Lea. I love you…” he spoke softly “And we’re going to celebrate it…together” his left hand let go of the wheel and interlaced it with Lea’s. She smiled. For the very first time, she would celebrate her birthday with someone, and a special person too, unlike the years before.

“Thank you, for everything…” she replied and smoothed their twined hands with the other, and then taps on the roof could slightly be heard. It started to rain outside, gradually getting heavier and heavier.


“Crap…” he cursed and turned on the wipers as the rain’s strength became more powerful.

“It’s getting dangerous; it’s raining so hard I can hardly see anything.” Lea advised full of worry in her tone of voice. There was also the obvious fret set in her orbs; the predictable Lea could easily be read.

“No it should be fine” Dominic convinced his girlfriend that everything was okay, that nothing was out of control. Even though he knew in himself that…

It was the complete opposite.

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