A Million Things I Could Do

'A Million Things I Could Do,
But I Only Want To Love You.'

My Entry to the Valentine's Day Writing Competition.


2. Come With Me

There was a knock at the door, I knew immediately who it was.

"You can come in." I rose from the chair as the door opened, rushing into his embrace.

"You don't have to go you know. I'd miss you, everyone would. Not just your music, but you. You're passionate, and perfect, and worth more than just roses, or chocolates, or a kiss." He got straight to the point, which made me realise how much he wanted me to stay, and a pang of guilt gripped me for a moment.

"Come with me." I pleaded. He shook his head and walked off, leaving me standing lost in the center of the red-carpeted dressing room.


Sat on the dressing room sofa, curled up with my bag at my feet, I contemplated leaving now. I was planning on sleeping the night, then leaving tomorrow. My thank you letter to the Mayor of Valentine Bay lay almost-finished on the dresser. I folded it and slipped it into it's envelope. As I looked down, I saw the tiny framed image of Daniel I had kept there, day by day.

"Why do you have to be so stubborn? I can't help that I have to leave because of my performing career. You always said you wanted what was best for me." I spoke only my thoughts, knowing no one was listening. Finally, I set off, too distant from my lover to care if he would be disappointed by the abrupt change of plan.


The departures board was a large, confused mess, but I could clearly see my train wasn't cancelled. It was probably the only one that wasn't! When I arrived at the platform, I saw the empty tracks, the train hadn't arrived yet. I ducked into one of the small rooms with benches and waited.


I jumped as I heard fast, clanging footsteps. At first, I thought they were heading away from me, but then they got louder, and louder, until I released their owner must've been running pretty fast, like they were looking for someone important... And sure enough, Daniel's rushed features showed themselves in the doorway. I was about to open my mouth, when he put a hand up.

"Stop. I made a mistake."

"What? You've done nothing wrong. Still, I can't help the fact that my career's taking me beyond Valentine's Bay." I said calmly, voicing my earlier thoughts.

"When I met you, what direction was I walking in?" He asked, which I found a bit odd.

"The opposite..." I answered, trailing off.

"Exactly. I was walking the wrong way. And now I'm about to do it again."

"You know, there's always the option to visit me." I reminded him.

"You could stay." He disregarded what I said in desperation to keep me here.

"I could stay. There's a million things I could do. But all I want to do is love you." I told him, not seeing how close we were. Our toes touching, my head inches from his, heat sizzled throughout the room, and I felt the same sensation that had lit the spark 2 years ago. This time, the kiss was even more sweet, decorated with the knowledge that we could be seperated. The entire world fell away around me when I was locked up in his arms, now was no different. What, in reality, was a few moments, seemed to last years. As he pulled away, I fought back tears, clinging to his forearms,

"Don't go."

"I won't if you don't want me to." He told me.

"Really?" He nodded. Before I could stop myself, I was leaning in for yet another kiss. I savoured the taste of his lips, fearing it would be something I would never know again.

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