Just a poem about Love...


1. Will you be my valentine this year?

     I never stop thinking about you,

you're always on my mind,

and when I dream, I dream about you,

until it makes me smile :)

     It really hurts my heart to know,

that you could never be mine,

but you know that I'll keep trying 'til ,

I'll get you to be mine.

     I love you...and only you,

I never thought that it was true,

but as they say and always say

"Love is blind" and that's the truth.

    You're the reason I'm alive and,

you're the reason for my smile,

without you I'd just fade away and,

I might as well just die.

     You're all I want ...

and you're all i need...

this is why I have to ask...

" Will you be my valentine?"




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