What my world became

The song i wrote this too was we are broken by paramore :) any other songs that suit it please comment! hope you like it.


1. How it all came down

People have always told me, that your eyes are the windows for your soul, that your lips are a way of expressing love, or happiness, your nose a way of collecting magical scents that scatter around you. Put these things together and you can create wonderful memories. But what if all you saw was the ugly sight of war and death around you? Staring into the dead, hollow eyes of someone you used to know. The only thing you smell, the decaying stench of rot and disease, as it kills us off one by one. The only thing you use your lips for is to scream for someone to please save you, to not let you endure any more suffering. Constantly left with no answer, no one to comfort you but the howling voice of the ice cold wind. Are these really memories you would want to keep? Of course you wouldn’t. Why would you?

I fell to my knees, every part of my body screaming in defeat. All of my energy gone, all of my strength sucked out of me. Left drained in this desolate place, this hell. I didn’t want to be here, i shouldn’t be here. I should be with him. I should be in his arms, his forehead pressed against mine. Staring into his pale blue eyes, and running my fingers through his sandy blonde hair. But i wasn’t. I was here, a place filled with anger and hatred. Tears rolled down my cheeks, splashing onto the dead grass that cushioned me from the hard soil beneath. I could feel the presence of people around me, watching me. Watching me crumble into a pile of ruins. Their predatory eyes never leaving my skeletal, un-human looking form.  I looked around me, staring at each one of their monstrous faces, their eyes filled with disgust and loathing. They marched towards me, with the strength of a devils army. Their hands clamping around my frail arms, that only just had enough skin to cover the bone. Slowly they dragged me away, my thin legs trailing along the floor. I was too weak to struggle, to weak to fight. So i closed my eyes, my life spiraling crazily around in my mind. I wanted my last moments on this unforgiving earth to be ones of peace, not to slowly suffocate as a poisonous gas filled my lungs. I guess the cruel hands of fate couldn’t even give me that. But i wasn’t scared, i knew that once i left this bloodthirsty world, i could be free. Free to be reunited with my loved ones that had been unmercifully taken away from me. I could find peace...

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