When they came for me

Hana, is an ordinary girl living in Germany, she has plans to grow into a proud woman, her best friend Klaus at her side. However, when the Nazi's take over, everything seems to fall apart.

Hana is a Jew and Klaus is the perfect aryan boy. Their love can never be... But they refuse to let that stop them.

However, when Hana is taken, shipped off to a concentration camp, can their love survive and will their love be strong enough to bring them back together before it is too late?


1. Prologue

"Hana!" I called out carelessly as I continued to sprint down the busy street. Hana let out a joyous laugh and pumped her arms harder, giggling as passing neighbours grumbled in protest. I continued to close the distance between us, my strides long and fast. Hot on her tail, I fixed my eyes on the back of her head, mesmerised as her curls of long dark hair flipping around behind her, her dress fluttering in the wind.

I dodged cars, jumping out of the way of folk that hurried on towards their work and soon I found myself right up behind Hana. We were approaching an alleyway and I took my chance to grab her. Wrapping my arms around her waist I dragged her to a stop and pulled her down the alleyway, her small screams holding no real terror. "Damn you Klaus. You here me? Let me go." She gasped as I led her further into the shaded darkness of the alley, my arms still wrapped tightly around her. I laughed along with her as she collapsed in a fit of giggles in my arms.

I pinned her onto the brick wall, both of my hands holding her wrists firmly beside her. She attempted to wriggle free but my grip was tight around her wrists and in the end, she gave up, defeated. "Admit it Hana, admit that you love me." I demanded, lowering my voice, moving my face closer so that my breath kissed her rosy cheeks. I stared long and hard into her round brown eyes, taking in the small smile that played on her full lips. "Admit you love me." I repeated slowly, ignoring the people who cast curious glances down the dark alley towards us.

"No." She said shaking her head. "To love you is to need you Klaus and I don't need anybody." She stated stubbornly. I rolled my eyes and moved my face even closer to hers, leaving only inches between us. These feelings had been swirling around inside me for a while now, a magnetic pull drawing me closer to Hana. Then I did what any fifteen year old boy would have done, I kissed her. Pressing my lips firmly against her's I felt her melt towards me and I loosened my grip on her wrists ever so slightly.

When I pulled away, Hana stared at the floor, her smile suddenly shy. I knew she liked me, her diary had told me so when I had found it lying under her bed a few nights ago. I know I shouldn't have even thought of reading it, but the temptation was just to strong, I needed to know how she felt about me... If she felt the same way. I let one of her hands go and moved my own hand up under her chin, forcing her to look at me. "Will you admit it yet Hana?" I whispered to her, smiling slightly.

"Mother told me to stay away from older men." She retorted quietly, her gaze flicking down towards her other hand that I had let go of and then laced my fingers with hers. My heart fluttered inside my chest, blood pumping crazily around my body. I shook my head at her, unable to stop the annoyed edge to my voice.

"Hanna," I squeezed her hand, "I'm a year older than you, that doesn't count." I tried to look sad. "Do you not want to be with me Hana? Am I not good enough?" I asked. She squeezed my hand back and dug her nails into my skin as if I would try to bolt away at any moment. "I think I love you." I muttered, taking my turn to be shy. Her face lit up as she registered my words and she pulled me towards her, lifting her free hand to trace my jaw line. I shuddered under her touch.

"I love you too Klaus." She smiled at me. Then her expression turned sad, worried. I raised a questioning eyebrow. "Mother says that there are people out there who don't like people like me, she says there are people who want to hurt me… People like you." People like me? What was she going on about? I clenched my jaw at the thought of anyone hurting her and placed a kiss on the top of her forehead, my lips lingering longer than they had too.

"I would never hurt you Hana. I love you. I'm never going to let anyone hurt you, I'll protect you." I kissed her again, unable to resist. "I'll never leave you alone, you can trust me." She let out a shaky breath and leaned in towards me. We rested our foreheads together and just stood, breathing in each other's scent. She smelled like jasmine, she smelled beautiful. She was beautiful. I wound my fingers into her hair and tugged playfully. She swatted me on the arm and then wrapped her arms around me. I held her close, knowing that she was getting ready to leave. "See you tonight Hana?" I asked already knowing the answer.

"Of course." She replied stepping away from me. Flashing me one last smile she turned on her heel and sped away, leaving me standing there, my blonde hair drooping down over my blue eyes. My mother had called me the perfect aryan child. She had called me pure. No, Hana was pure, inside and out. I grinned to myself, my lips still tingling from her touch, and I turned and walked in the opposite direction. Life was good.

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