My Subjects and I

I really know what to call this. It's just a little experiment that I've been thinking of for a while now, what if our school subjects were actually people?
This isn't supposed to be realistic, or deep or anything, just a fun look at how i interpret my subjects. i know that there are a lot of stereotypes about particualr subjects out there; english people are quiet and booky, science people are geeks, drama people are intense and dark etc etc, but this is all about my personal experiences with the subjects so its going to be a little different! i'm hoping to add more, if people think its a good idea, so i hope you enjoy it! :D


1. meet my posse: English, Philosophy and Ethics

‘Hannah! Hannah over here!’

That was my best friend, English, whose voice could be heard shouting at me from across the park. Never one to shy away from attention, English was always putting herself out there for everyone to see. Since we had been nigh on inseparable ever since we met, aged three, which usually meant that everyone always saw me as well. Not that I minded, much. The attention wasn’t always welcome, however, but that’s what I got for being best friends with an extrovert!

‘Hi English!’ I managed to stammer before she was upon me in a heap of squealing girl.

‘Oh Hannah, I've missing you sooooo much! It’s been unbearable without your presence in my life!’

‘English, I saw yesterday. We spent the entire day together.’

‘Yes well…enough of that, come on everyone’s waiting. You're the last to arrive, as always.’

English is, as you may have been able to tell, prone to extreme exaggeration, or hyperbole, as she would prefer me to call it. However, she was right about me always turning up late, my friends were much better timekeepers then I was. In fact, if it weren’t for them, I doubt I'd even show up to my lessons on time, let alone anything else!

Anyway, sitting on a patch of grass that had been particularly fortunate to be bathed in sunlight, were the rest of our little posse. I use the term ‘our’ very loosely, because essentially, it was English’s posse. She was our leader, we bowed down to her very existence, and she was GOD! Ok so as you can see, I seem to have picked up on her exaggeration habit, but it’s just so damn infectious!

It was exactly two weeks before we had to go back to school after the summer break, and since this was the first time that all of us were in the same country, English had demanded that we get together outside, whilst the weather was still so, and I quote, ‘stunningly exotic’.

Sitting there, waiting for us, or should I say me, were Philosophy and Ethics. Ethics and I grew up on the same street, although he moved away a few years ago. That didn’t change the fact that Ethics, English and I grew up as an extremely tight nit group. He used to make cracks about being the only guy, but I don’t think he ever had serious problems with it. And of course, Ethics being Ethics, he would never have taken advantage of having two such close female friends.

If English was the sense of adventure to our group, then Ethics was the voice of reason. He always made sure that we thought everything through before we did it, and always put up a fuss whenever we thought of doing anything remotely amoral. But we loved him all the same. And we loved him even more when he went and got a girlfriend, thereby bringing in another member to our little circle. Philosophy was amazing. She was funny, witty, and incredibly clever! Philosophy and ethics suited each other so well. Whenever she got too caught up in some debate or something, he would always be there to bring him back down to earth, and she was always there to put up an argument with him, something that English and I had never been able to do. They complimented each other perfectly, and now you couldn’t have one without the other, not that I would want to.

Our local park was filled to the brim, and I couldn’t help but scan my eyes over the crowds, looking to see if there was anyone else from our class at school, there that day. Of course, as always, I was looking for one person in particular.

‘He's not here yet.’

‘Who’s not here?’

‘The person Hannah is looking for.’

‘Shut up English!’

‘OMG! Hannah do you have a boyfriend?’

Believe it or not, that last comment came from Ethics. Being around so many girls for most of his life had given Ethics a strong love of gossip, and this was just too good an opportunity for him to pass up.




‘Who? Who? Who?’

‘Ethics babe, you sound like an owl. Let the girl talk for crying out loud.’

‘Thanks Philosophy. No Ethics, I do not have a boyfriend, English is just winding you up, like she always does.’

‘But there is someone you like isn’t there? I knew there was something different about you. Come on spill.’

‘Ethics, honestly there is nothing to talk about!’

With that I flopped back down onto the grass with a hefty sigh, whilst simultaneously throwing my arms up to cover my face so no further answers could be coaxed out of me.

‘Fine if you won’t tell me, then I'm sure English will.’

Oh there was no question about that. English, whilst being my best friend, never missed an opportunity to divulge a secret or two of mine. Not anything massive mind you, just enough to make me wary of just how much I told her.

‘Our dear, innocent Hannah has had a summer fling.’

I groaned.

‘No way!’

‘Yes way! And what’s even better, it was with one of the histories!’

I groaned even louder, and rolled over onto my front, making sure that none of them could see the treacherous blush that had flooded my features.

‘This is just too good! Which one was it?’

‘I don’t know. She wouldn’t tell me.’

English’s tone of voice was bitter, that was for sure. But what did she expect? I knew that a day like this would come, where she wouldn’t be able to stop herself from telling somebody about my ‘hot and heavy summer romance’, her words not mine, so of course I had refused to tell her everything.

Just so you know, the ‘Histories’ that they were referring to, were the History brothers. One in our year, one above and one below. And I would keep them guessing as to which one it was for as long as I could!

‘Well I very much doubt it was Modern History, since he is a year younger than us.’

‘Yes, but have you seen him? He has those dark brooding eyes, and that air of superiority that he walks around with is actually very attractive. Don’t you agree Philosophy?’

‘Mmm yeah, he definitely has a certain something about him. But I agree with Ethics, he’s not the type Hannah would go for. On the other hand, Wold History is the year above us. And an older man can be very seductive.’

‘I'm getting more offended by the conversation by the second.’

‘Oh I'm sorry Ethics, you're very seductive too. But you did start this, and since Hannah won’t tell us which one it was, it’s up to us to weigh up the pros and cons of each brother. Now where were we, English?’

‘World History.’

‘Ahh right…so what do you think?’

‘This is absolutely ridiculous!’

Sitting bolt upright, I once again scanned the crowds, desperate to find him so that I could just point out exactly who it was that I had been involved with. I didn’t see why it mattered at all now though. It had ended, badly, and I had no wish to relive those memories from earlier in the summer. But if I knew anything, then I knew my friends. And there was no way that they were just going to give this up.

It was then that I saw him. Well not really him, but I saw his shoes, and I'd know those ratty old trainers anywhere. Letting my eyes slowly rise, I took in his loose fitting jeans, the black t-shirt that clung to him in all the right places, and finally that gorgeous face of his. Olive skin, a tad darker due to the sun we had gotten in Greece, green eyes that made you swoon the minute they landed on you, and that mop of dark brown hair, slightly blonder by now. He was, to me, the image of a Greek God, of perfection, and I knew right then and there that was not over him in the slightest.

‘If you lot want to know who it was so badly, then just look over there.’

In a manner of seconds I practically heard all three of their mouths drop open at the sight of him. Even Ethics had to admit that Ancient History was looking better than we’d ever seen him.

‘Oh My God!’

‘God indeed!’


‘Sorry Ethics, but look at him, I mean, just look at him!’

‘Boy Hannah, you sure do know how to pick ‘em.’

Collapsing backwards for the second time in about two minutes, I stared ruefully at the sky, the previous events of the summer flashing through my mind.

‘Pick them, no. Lose them, d  

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