A stab in the dark

A child's encounter of the new step-dad...


1. The End

A stab in the dark.

It's a strange expression, isn't it. I often wonder who came up with it. Someone evil, probably. Someone who didn't like nice things. Someone who liked to think about blood and murder, and horrible sharp blades. I know those type of people. I've seen one.

A stab in the dark. It means a guess, right? Like when you don't really know something, but you have a go anyway. You take a stab in the dark. Like when people ask me, where's your Dad gone? Where did he go? I don't know. So i just tell them, he's gone to be happy. He told me he wasn't happy here. It's a guess, just something to stop them asking.

I often wonder why people are scared of the dark. It's just... dark. It's nothing different, nothing new. Even now, here i am huddled up in my room. It's dark. The curtains are drawn. Outside the moon hangs in the sky, taunting me with its glow. But in here, there is none. But I'm not scared. Not of the dark, anyway.

The front door opens and closes. I hear the click as he closes it. I hear his boots, thumping on the carpet. And i wait, just thinking. Thinking about that one phrase. A stab in the dark. It's like taking something innocent, something so... normal, and twisitng in into something sinister. Something evil. Like taking a perfectly nice man and making him angry and bitter.

The first step creaks. And i hear his heavy boots again, the rhythmic slamming mirroring my hearbeat. I can here his thick black gloves as they scrape against the metal banister. Where i hit my head. Where he pushed me.

He reaches the top of the stairs. I can hear his heavy, ragged breathing. He steps forward, abd as he does i cower, pulling myself into a ball. The door creaks open. He steps forward. All i can see is a black sillhouette. Shapeless. Large. He moves forward. I can smell the stale tobacco. But i can't see him.

And then he pulls something out. I can hear the scraping of metal as he passes it through his gloves. And he steps foward. And raises it.

A stab in the dark. That's all i can think of.


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