This is about Valentine's Day when two lovers meet.


1. Valentin's Eve

Our sights caressing the sinking gold sun, Whose light through the skies will run, We will sit apart, our desires kept discreet, While one hand with the other will secretly meet.

Then twilight’s carpet will cover the sky, But the flower will not sleep nor the butterfly And, as the tides of sea venture to shore, We will leave our abode to wander outdoor.

As night will fall, the forest leaves in shyness Will flutter at the winking stars in highness And fireflies will kindle their lamps to revere Their visitors who are one another’s dear.

The moon shall witness this romantic sight: Two lovers awake on a silent night, With their arms around each other knot And eyes into eyes perpetually caught.

These lovers will relish the winds of bliss When love will entrance them to a kiss, A kiss that will render you mine; O Love, will you be my Valentine?  

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