My Stolen Heart


1. My Stolen Heart

My mind is raked clean,

Clear of all thought,

Pure as can be,

Naive and calm,

Until the girl with two hearts appears.


My heart rattles, deep within its cage,

A symphony of longing echoes to my core,

My mortal fibre touched in fear and love of the

girl with two hearts.


I feel your sensual lips,

A jolt down your spine,

Passion and unfissured love envelops me,

Heaven has coaxed me with her delicate wings.


But as joy pulsates through my mind and soul,

My heart is pierced by cupid's arrow,

My life seeping away.


She bears Midas' touch,

turning my heart to gold,

So heavy within my chest.


She clings to me with her undying rope,

Wielding such power to "Make me or break me".


That is where the love ends.


I have been torn from Heaven's gentle grasp

and thrown into the bowels of Hell,

Only the Devil's fingers there to scorch me.


I am stirred within there in a pool of confusion;

Love hate, enemy and lover bear her name,

My belly whirls with butterflies a-flight,

Just to be rampaged with fists and torture.


I am enclosed in a nest of thorns,

Each puncture washes me over with anguish,

My pure heart stained with poison.


I shall no longer be free,

Dragged by the untamed winds of chance,

Which is why I love and hate the girl

With two hearts.


She bears mine.

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