Parting is such sweet sorrow


1. The court room

‘’Parting is such sweet sorrow’’ The elongated corridor with old strange pictures on the walls was what I had to walk down. The tedious walk into the room took a lifetime. It was almost as if I was walking on a tightrope and was going to collapse and fall even though I just couldn’t. Legs like jelly going to split if I moved any further. My pale fingers, as cold as ice, looked so bare without the gorgeous wedding ring on them. It would have gleamed so brightly in the sunlight. Without it my swollen red eyes started welling up with tears and soon it would be a running waterfall down my face. My head held high I walked to my side of the court room, the perfect side and the only side for me. It had the blooming plant in the corner that made me feel hopeful. The ceiling had the most wonderful painting on it I’ve ever seen. The majestic colours had an unimaginable beauty to them. The bare room with clinical white walls shone like snow. Concrete floors like ice, slippery to walk on and glimmered in the sunlight. It didn’t look or feel like a court room more like an ice rink, with its cold air. It was a dreadful dream. Small wooden benches either side as brown as mud. You sit on them and they drag you in like your sinking to another world. In the front right hand corner a large velvet green plant. The blooming flowers were majestic and made the room light up with hope. The smell was sweet but made my nose twitch. The vibrant purples and yellows shone brighter than anything I’ve seen. The smooth leaves. Morning sun shone through the slightly jared open window. It was such a wonderful sight. Suddenly out of the blue. The small pane glass window up by the ceiling started to darken. The sunshine had disappeared and now a raging thunder cloud was approaching. The thunder hit hard and the tremendous light beamed round the entire room. It didn’t make sense how such a wonderful day could turn so grey and ugly. Benches made shadows all around me like a cage. Peoples shadows so tall and unrealistic. Almost scary. Cold air drifting felt tight in my throat like I couldn’t breathe. Gushes of ferocious wind were forcing themselves at the window crashing against it. The tiny water droplets trickling down the window were moving so fast it was like they wanted to win an Olympic race. With the horrendous weather I didn’t notice the warm open fire at the front. It was the central icon. It was glowing like a jewel with its magnificent reds, oranges and yellows. The shadows printed across the wall overpowered the lifeless shadows from the weather. The colours danced at my feet, it gave it a sense of warmth. The vibrant red projected itself onto the clinical walls giving them a sense of life. The room was awakening from a deep sleep it had been in for many years. There were pictures in my head of the people on the walls dancing. Just as I thought it couldn’t get any worse in this place… My unreliable husband entered slowly, dragging his feet as if he was stuck in some mud and barely trying to get out of it. Why was he making no effort what so ever, did he not want the same as I did? He sat slowly, gently into his seat. His blue eyes, like the colour of the ocean had faded. His skin was pale. Not how I remember him. My eyes were stinging and I was determined not to cry. My legs and arms went completely stiff. I couldn’t move. The faces all around me looked tired and weak. The judge entered and we both rose. The giant block wooden hammer sat next to her arm. The bellowing sound it would make was the only thing I could on my mind. My heart was pounding against my chest. The heavy breathing coming from my husband was deafening. It was so loud. He was tremendously nervous. But why? He was always the strong one who helped me in desperate struggles. The divorce was going on in the background and I couldn’t bring myself to concentrate. It was like a desert in my mind, completely bare where nothing was happening. The amount of times I tried to concentrate and I just couldn’t. The dessert had enormous sand dunes as far as the eye could see. The fine grains of golden yellow sand were drifting through the air. And it was soft to touch on my bare feet. The glowing sun was right there. I could touch it. Its beauty was glorious. A beaming great ball of fire was just sitting there in front of me! The florescent oranges threw a bolt of the raging fire at me. Searching for water in whatever was there proved more difficult than I thought. Mrs Smith, the judge, staring at me blankly like I was lifeless. What did she want? I didn’t understand. Then piercing sounds drifted around the entire room! One ring then another and another… Mrs Smith smashed the wooden hammer against the small circular block. My dessert dream just floated away into nothing. The dreadful sound enticed the whole room. My ears ringing and my vision blurred. The clinical room came back to my vision. My head, going to explode was saying one phrase to me over and over again, ‘parting is such sweet sorrow’. Clueless to what it meant I heard the court rise and I rose in shamed due to me not knowing what had happened through the entire session. But the dreadful decision was over. I had no idea what awful things were said, but now I could go to my cosy little house. I stood up sharply and it felt as if I was floating to the large open door. The feeling inside of me was relief. The scare I had been having was over, finally the dreadful dream had ended. Outside in the fresh autumn air was a small robin sitting on the gigantic willow tree. On the branch with fine leaves gently falling slowly and gracefully to the ground. Gathering a bunch a rough twigs for its nest. It was a fresh new start for her as well as for me. A new beginning. No one would haver known the deep passionate love they shared not long ago. Now gone and the love shattered into a milion minute pieces.

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