Parting Is Such A Sweet Sorrow.

About a Jewish girl in a concentration camp who's sister has been called to the chambers. It is about her feeling- what is going through her mind and her fears. It also talks about their strong bond so please read :)


1. Departure.

The memory haunted me. Etty’s face refused to move from my mind’s eye…       My sister was called in a gruff manner and the look on the guard’s face seemed like he had just tasted something bitter. His eyebrows merged together and his fierce eyes searched the clump and shot us disgusted glares in the process. As each second ticked by, his plump fist clenched tighter and tighter until his victim stepped forward. As soon as she stepped forward, my heart surged. It was as if my heart was trying to get rid of a heart which was so weak and feeble. The cold air wrapped around me. I knew something unfortunate was about to come my way.      Mercilessly, the snow beneath her, which was like heaven’s touch on earth, provoked my angel to shiver violently. Her bare feet and thin pyjamas were no match for the numbing ice. The frozen air rushed through the pores of my face, making my teeth chatter. Grey rabbits decorated our identical crimson pyjamas and neon pink bows adorned their ears. My pyjamas had my name (Anne) written in golden embroidery on the back. Etty had her name written in silver. She always looked more vulnerable in those pyjamas. Her eyes were so innocent and alluring. They were like two clear blue pools in which I could see her pure soul. They were so vivid; it reminded me of the daytime sky. Her olive skin reminded me of satin. Flawless and smooth. I gazed at her sensitive, serene and sickly bony hands. My attention was drawn away from her scintillating hands.      I made the mistake of looking at her shaven head. I longed to see her black luscious curls bouncing behind her back again. Her fingernails were almost gone, chewed off ravenously when their owner craved food she’d not get. Beside her, I clasped her hands around mine, chaining us together. Her fear pulsed through me and she clung to me as if she was determined never to let go. We made each other feel safe. If she was the sun, I was the universe she rested in. If I was her candle, she was the wick. I would be the wax that moulds around her, shielding her with my body. Although, if the wick were to be ignited I would be pouring powerlessly to my descent. If she meant the world to me, I would be the immortal spirit who protected her. A strong wind pushed Etty towards the guard indicating that the one above wanted his saint back.      The member of the SS barked at Etty and demanded she followed him into the chamber, Silence rang throughout the melancholy camp. The birds flew away and made sure to be as silent as falling snow. Everyone in our lines stared at her and the Nazi guard apprehensively. Brilliant white snowflakes drifted to the ground and rested on my raw body. The nerves in my sore nose were frozen by the snow. The wind whistled through my ears and I could ear the crushing of the new layer of snow as the guards walked around. The leader’s face twisted in anger. I flinched slightly and gripped Etty’s hand even tighter. Etty was going to have to face her fate soon as the guard’s patience was slipping. He walked with great force towards us. This was it.       Etty’s hand was whipped out of mine and she was forced through the iridescent snow. I felt as if they had just ripped my soul. Her screams engulfed the drowsy atmosphere. The loud noise beckoned the snow to get heavier and it became difficult to see the scene. I could make out my saviour trying to get free from his grip around her debilitated wrist. Her prominent screeches could be identified saying just one name. Anne, Anne, Anne. My traumatic state forced me to bind with the snow. The blizzard subsided; I could see my sister’s glowing face stained with tears. The look of anguish on her delicate face pierced through me like a spear. The guard’s strong fist came into contact with Etty’s tender neck. She was being dragged to her death. Her effulgent presence was being trampled on. The grotesque guard threw ugly words at her and mocked our religion. He spat as he spoke and anger stirred inside me. My sister was only about two metres away from the metallic building which was looking down at her eerily. It seemed as if Etty had stepped on a trap since the heavy snowed turned into a blizzard.      The blizzard attacked my grief stricken face and eyes which were drowned in tears. I heard Etty’s feet running back to me in what looked like a snow globe. The ruthless guard summons his army to get hold of my saint’s radiating body.  Almost instantly, she was surrounded by robust Nazis. They looked like monsters but with human masks. She wailed in despair. Her cries were muffled by the ferocious roar of the blizzard but were still audible. I stood there, motionless, trying to block the world, the scene, and the cries of my little sister. Without warning, the guards marched systematically towards her. A loathsome hand clasped around her lips. Those lips which embarrassed the petals of red roses. Even though my entire body ached with sorrow, I wholeheartedly waved goodbye to her. That was the last time I’d ever see her. The last time I’d see her rays of happiness dancing around her as she walked. In a blink of the eye, she disappeared into the chamber. Nearly five minutes after our departure, the sun made an appearance. My heart felt Etty hidden in the golden ball of flames, smiling at me. Then, I realised, parting is such a sweet sorrow.

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