Incy Wincey Spider

A short story of Incey Wincey Spider. Dedicated to Shannon


1. Incy Wincey Spider

Did you no that Incy Wincey Spider came around my house the other day and had tea. Well, you do now. It was Saturday evening, no, I mean Thursday, that's better, it was on Thursday evening when I was just resting by a tree trying to get in the shade, it was one hot day, I can say. Anyway, so I was just lying there, minding my own business, when a spider was behind me, climbing a tree, when suddenly it just began to snow, I thought to myself, 'how strange.' it was only a matter of seconds before poor incy would freeze. So I took him inside my home and that is when we both had a spot of tea. Once the snow had stopped and the sunshine had cleared it all away, then that is the time when Incy Wincey Spider had another go. 
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