Templeton Peck's Adventures - The Circus

A long story that I wrote a few years back about 'Templeton Peck' - from The A-Team - going to the circus and finding himself shooting down tyres and getting caught by the military police! Does he get reunited with his friends? Or does he get sentenced to jail?


7. Saving the others!

Meanwhile back at the house the people and Peck
were trying to come up with a plan, Peck just had
the right idea and he told the others that he would
go over dressed as one of the performers and get
captured and help them escape one by one. Every
one agreed with him and they all went down to
the theatre to help Peck to get dressed in an outfit.
When Templeton Peck had his outfit on he went
down to the house, but nobody was in. He looked
through the window to find all of the performers
locked up inside cages with the keys out side
under the mat. So Peck knocked on the window
and told the others that he was to save them and
he’s in an outfit and he is coming through the
window. He bend down and reached under the
mat for the keys and opened the window. Peck
opened all of the cages inside and helped the
people out of the window one at a time, but then
He heard Cornel Decker asking for the performers
and told the owners to come out with their hands
up. Nobody came out still Peck helped the
performers out of the window, but then it was
down to the last two and still himself ,but this
time Decker’s officers were coming in but he only
had 6 officers as well as himself so all of them
went in. Peck stayed in but had hidden behind a
Box and one officer went in and looked in a cage
But then Peck jumped up with a gun and the keys
And locked him up. Then another officer came
And looked in another cage and got trapped, all of
them got trapped except Decker. They just left
Decker in side the building while Peck and the
performers drove home. Decker had found his
men and let them out. They ran to get Peck but
had lost him.
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