Templeton Peck's Adventures - The Circus

A long story that I wrote a few years back about 'Templeton Peck' - from The A-Team - going to the circus and finding himself shooting down tyres and getting caught by the military police! Does he get reunited with his friends? Or does he get sentenced to jail?


8. Rewarded

Peck just about arrived home with the performers when the paper came and it said on
the front page,
Templeton Peck has put to jail these criminals for kidnapping all of the performers in the Washington theatre on Tuesday 31st of October 2008. His reward is £3,000 in cash for saving them.
Templeton Peck received free tickets for all the shows, and so Templeton Peck with the money went on holiday and brought a brand new costume for everyone and a paid for all of the damage it had caused and it all went back to normal within a few days. Everyone was happy and from that day on life couldn’t be any better.
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