Templeton Peck's Adventures - The Circus

A long story that I wrote a few years back about 'Templeton Peck' - from The A-Team - going to the circus and finding himself shooting down tyres and getting caught by the military police! Does he get reunited with his friends? Or does he get sentenced to jail?


3. Found

As three to four days went by, the sound was quiet but then it sound like police.
“Someone must have called the MP’s the Military Police!” Templeton Peck said to himself.
“Its Cornel Decker, I better move, I’ll tell the others later when I’ve got out of this mess!” As he got up, he grabbed his shotguns as soon as Decker shouted,
“You’re under arrest Peck, now come out with your hands up or we’ll shot!” Templeton Peck sneaked out of the back door into a wood, ran to the people’s house, and told them to stay in touch because it will be tough and the MP’s are on there way so be careful. Templeton Peck went outside and saw Cornel Decker standing there and so he said,
“Your under arrest Peck so put your hands up or else we’ll shoot!”
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