Templeton Peck's Adventures - The Circus

A long story that I wrote a few years back about 'Templeton Peck' - from The A-Team - going to the circus and finding himself shooting down tyres and getting caught by the military police! Does he get reunited with his friends? Or does he get sentenced to jail?


1. A ordinary beginning

In Los Angeles there were people performing in the Washington theatre. Templeton Peck was dressed in a white blouse and a blue suit and wore smart black shiny shoes. Templeton Peck then jumped into his car to get changed into a waiter’s suit. Then he went out and told some people who were going to park their car that he would take the peoples tickets and then they could go straight inside so that they don’t miss it.
Templeton Peck then was changed back into his suit and walked in. He used the people’s tickets to get into the theatre. But then the people came along and said that they have already given their tickets to a man who was on the car park, but the person at the door told them that they had to give their tickets to him. Templeton Peck sat down near to the back and the performers had started.
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