Twisted spines and shitty rhymes

Just a mix of my little rants and observations.


2. You're 45, he's Autistic. No need for the sarcasm.

So I took a stand

While in the uncomfort of my seat

I want to the bigger man over you

Because that’s all you want to be

Isn’t that true?

Isn’t it easy taping up

Measuring his size

Of self esteem destroyed

You can see it in his eyes

You are not alive

Creating pain jumping from the walls

So I made a stand

With the woman on her turf

We played with words

Like chess pieces

Strategically placing phrases-

Words and verbs

To make a game

A game of pride.

Seats and students

Arranged like a checkerboard

This was our arena

A battle of minds

A conquest of wills

A silly, yet civilized argument

Between authority and child

As the spectators admired silently

The back and forth battle ensued

The entire room, witnesses of carnage

And with one mighty swoop of a

“Do you really think teasing mentally challenged people is an effective teaching method”

I had salted her carthage.


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