Twisted spines and shitty rhymes

Just a mix of my little rants and observations.


9. Limping hearts

He walks through the door

With a limp, on his heart

Drops his suitcase,

resides in his room

With the landlord mother raising hell above his head

He’s a lonely man

All he does is sit at a desk

Push the pointless paper work

Pretend it makes an impact

Scan in, scan out

He does it 5 days a week

Comes home stares the screen

This blue and white screen

He doesn’t sleep

He goes through the actions

And then it happens.


He sits down, as a sleepless wreck

Writes these poems

That makes his mind soar

Swirl and create beyond his possibilities

Confide his feelings, make him elate

Finally, like a ghost, he’s happy to be alive

But for only moments

He’s got to remember,

that tomorrow is a new day

And that tomorrow

nothing will change

But he gains hope from the knowledge

A calculated 23 hours 58 minutes and 17 seconds from now

He can go again.

Let his mind wonder

Release his feelings to the keyboard

Because no-one else would listen

If they had a voice to speak back. 

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