Twisted spines and shitty rhymes

Just a mix of my little rants and observations.


6. If I could change society

I’d pull the pin and

Gently roll a grenade in the middle

I wouldn’t want to offend anyone.

So don’t take it personally,

But your belief system is fucked.

I’m not talking religiously,

Well maybe I am?

But not directly as an insult.

“I’m athiest and hate god”

Your jaw soft and mind as open as a locked door.

I’m not done yet,

Let’s look at an image

Of a girl made of pale, white leather

Looking like a vacuum packed bag of a beautiful woman

What’s the appeal?

If you asked me now,

I find a bag of chips a good example

Just because you say the bag is pretty

Doesn’t mean I want half the chips

Usually the rest is hot air.

Idolized and unrealistically imitated

Self disappointment drowns these growing girls

Fills them up with silence

Kills the intelligence inside them.

And that is often the usual

From the point of a sapiosexual. 

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