Twisted spines and shitty rhymes

Just a mix of my little rants and observations.


4. Desperate

My mind’s eye created prison walls

Rationality becoming small

The distance I’ve created is staggering

And when I watch you walk, you’re swaggering


I wanted to keep this private

Because I am the house on fire

And all I needed was for you to say “it’s okay”

Silence, does that make you a liar?

I want you just to say the words

Not talk about the weather

Unless the whether is the whether-

Or not we are held together by a tether

Are you trying to hide that fact?

That we have this connection

I’m the barely living son

And you’re looking for a thrill

But it feels like you’re playing a game

Playing for a tactical kill.

Text messaging pawns and teasing rooks

Littering our playing field.

But now I can stand back

And watch your black hate

Slip through my fingers

That I’ve held onto

Kick up my ashes I hope they sober up your head.   

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