Chilled Air

A short mystery about a young girl who goes missing. Does she return safely???


1. A Mystery?

It was Wednesday 21st of May in the year 2008.
‘Beep, Beep, Beep’ the alarm went off when the clock read 7.00am. Liz, Samantha’s mother, went upstairs to see if she was ready for school, she wasn’t there! Liz looked everywhere and once that was done she rang Mark, her daughter’s father. Whilst Mark was on his way over she rang the police and reported her 12-year-old daughter as missing. Liz gave the police a description of Samantha, she told them that she had lovely long blonde hair that shines at the first sight, glistening brown eyes, like topaz gems and was last seen in her favourite dress, which was clear white with two dark violet straps, purple shoes and a purple cardigan. When he eventually arrived Mark was, and Liz was, very annoyed to know that the police could not do anything at all until Samantha had been missing for over 24 hours.
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