Damaged Goods

Conrad and Sally have been gone for a while but nobody knows where this explains it


1. Damaged Goods

In the end it didn’t matter weither they died or survived as long as they were together, the light appered out of the darkness and they knew as they held eachothes hand tightly that this was it, Yesterday they were just Conrad Black and Sally Hunter today they were children of the past nothing more nothing less as they stepped into the light the whole world forgot of there excistance the way it should of been a long time ago. The white over powered them as they tumbled through time finally stopping at just the right moment, their clothes had quickly changed from colourful masterpieces to “Dull crimes against fashion” Sally would say this was neither hell or heaven just there own universe they could live in forever but at the consiquence that they would die in everyone elses, the light soon vanished and they were now surronded by what they wanted to be surronded by the one thing that would keep them occupied for hours, a star filled sky; back at the normal universe they would lie on bright green grass for hours making shapes and laughing at the stars never getting bored of there wonderful shine and now they could do that forever in eachothers company with no more fear of losing eachother below these wonderous stars was a lake one in which they could swim and play anytime they wanted without the need of stopping which by now you have realised is what they love to do but they were going to miss some stuff which was the soul reason of the smudged make up on Sallys face stuff like the colour of the normal sky, their friends and people they met, the climate and the colours were all going to be missed by both of them dearly and they couldnt bear to think of them for that much longer, they had both met on that wonderous universe both from different regions and from different backgrounds but they straight away knew they would end up together some how as long as they stayed loyal to eachother through any dilema or mishap they would soon end up here together it was both of their destinys to face and they both took it with a stride in their step and now they were here they finally felt complete and confortable with their lives and could now live it the way they wanted to live it with nobody to tell them no in anything that they did, every childs dream was now becoming there reality and they looked forward to what was to become of them and smiled at the thought, for both of them it had been a nightmare leading up to it but they now were finally up to it. Although they were forgotten some people remember them but nobody knows who they really were, what happened to them and why they left ;but both Conrad and Sally can answer with the same sentence they were damaged goods.

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