My Experience Of Love


2. What Happened?

On the 2nd Marh 2004, I died. But thats not where this story starts. Let me explain.


I woke up next to him, next to the one that i desired the most, I listened carefully to his heart beat. It was perfect. He was perfect. He was the reason I lived, the one that I lived for, or at least thats what I thought..


He always told me that he loved me; that he would never leave me; and stupidly, I believed him. We had been togather for as long as I could remember, he was all that I had known but, he obvioulsy didnt know me enough. As he started to wake up I could feel my heart rate escalate and I found myself having to lie down again and catch my breath. Every morning was like that, it was like I couldnt see anything but him, but he obviously didnt feel like that.


Basically, what i am getting at is that later that night, the one that i loved most on this Earth was murdered and suddenly, I was alone. Even though I tried my hardest, I tried and I tried, to regain my happines and not to just let go altogether, I couldnt. So I just Let go of my humanity and let them take me away somewhere there was no hurt, and I could be happy, with him.


The truth is, to whoever is unlucky enough to read my story, I had killed him. Not because it was a tragic car accident or because he had been in the wrong place at the wrong time, it was because I had killed the one that I lived for. And for what?? What had he done that had made me so angry that night?? It was because he had cheated on me on the one night a year that meant so much to me: Valentines Day.

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