If love was something we held in our hand

This is a little poem I wrote about three years ago and its one of the poems I'm most proud of.


1. -

I think love is something we'd better understand

If it was something we held in our hand.

Though I'm not quite sure what I would do

If I saw someone I liked, maybe break it in two?

So I could give them half and maybe they'd do the same

Or just walk away like its some sort of game.

Or let that fear grip you, your stomach in knots

So you then lock it away into a box

And if you didn't trust yourself with the key,

You could throw it away, maybe to sea?

That way you could save yourself some of the pain

Even though it does a person good to stand in the rain.

No, if love was something I could touch with my fingertips

I would smash my love into a thousand little bits

And I would hand a bit out to everyone I meet

Even if its a stranger I pass down the street.

I would give my love to everyone, from coast to coast

Even those that don't deserve it because they need it the most.

Because love is something as simple as a smile

And it's something we only encounter once in a while.

So the whole world better be prepared

Because what is love, if it cannot be shared?

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