It Was Me

A poem from the view of love itself. Hope you like! :)
P.S, this is my entry into the Valentine's Day competition. I know this is no cancer story, or vampire/shapeshifter/Justin Bieber story, but I just wanted to enter something different for the competition and this poem encapsulates everything I personally feel about love. I hope you can relate to it as much as I can.


1. It Was Me

It was me who caused the war

That rages on outside your door

Who killed your fire and your faith

And left you lonely in my wake

Me who turned the leaves from green

And sneered upon your every dream

Who waited till your shoulders slacked

To plunge a knife into your back.


- But it was also me who saw you run

And live and laugh and come undone

Who had you question all you knew

To make you someone good and true

Me in warmth and hazy shine

I came and saved you just in time

Me who watched from up above

And showed you what it meant to love.

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