Night demons

A poem a wrote, can you decipher the message weaved within the words? :D


1. Night demons

The wind howled

the darkness growled

Its fingers rustled the leaves


Calling the seas

No master to please

The hounds strike again


A stash of light

Buried deep in the night

Dragging my soul away


A current so strong

Now everything's gone

My fiery retreat ablaze


Forcing me down

It tugs at my gown

No end of torture in sight.


A miracle to me

But no one can see

The magic that flows to thy eyes


It stalks now to you

It's destruction untrue

It clings to all of our souls


Brown eyes are lost

Blue eyes the cost

Framed by waves of black


The hunter of dark

Translucent and stark

Unnatural you truly are


Take me away

I beg you, I pray

Stampede across my mind


Crows dive low

To hide from your blow

I whisper thoughts of peace


Time to move on

Your interest is gone

Alone until another day


I trust you eat

snack on a treat

The wolves truly are famished


Whine louder I say

Strike upon our day

A havoc you wreak tonight


Shatter my glass

Mercy is sparse

you tear it up tonight


Shriek and cry

The river runs dry

Your power is stronger now


Something is not right

Approach a silent fight

Things add up unbalanced


The world tilts right

Moon smiles bright

All is not right with the world  

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