The First Year Troubles, Harry Potter

A new generation of Harry Potter.

I have made up a few characters so beware!


6. It All Makes Sense

As Lily sat down, next to Chloe, for dinner, her thoughts were still on Holly, who hadn't come out of the girls’ bathroom. Lily had to pull out of her thoughts, again, as Vicky sat down.

"What was that all about?" Vicky asked Lily, piling her plate with food.


"Outside, with  Holly Piper and that Ravenclaw?"

"Oh, nothing." Lily lied in a small voice.

"Holly Piper?" Chloe asked, putting her knife and fork down.

"Yeah, why?" Vicky asked, confused.

"Lily was asking about the Piper family, saying that Holly was a bit odd."

"Lily?" Vicky started but Lily stood up quickly and rushed out of the hall, leaving her two sisters speechless.


Lily ran through the castle; through people who had come down for a late dinner; through teachers and, once, through a ghost. She ran up stairs and down corridors until she got to the portrait of the Fat Lady, the guardian of the Gryffindor common room. Lily gasped the word ‘party’ and the portrait swung forward to admit her. As soon as she entered the common room she went straight up the spiral staircase and in to the 6th year dormitory. Vicky’s room. She went over to her sisters’ bed and dug through the trunk at the foot of it. Lily was looking for a specific thing, the Daily Prophet that had arrived yesterday morning. Finally, she found the newspaper at the bottom of the trunk and opened it to the middle page. There it was, the thing that she was looking for. Half of the page was taken up by a big picture of a smiling, happy family and right in the middle, waving to the camera, was a younger looking Holly Piper! Underneath the photo was a brief description of the family and underneath that was the story. Lily sat on her sister’s bed and began to read...


Mr and Mrs Piper had worked at the Ministry of Magic and had had two daughters, Holly and Poppy. On the afternoon of the first of September, Holly's mum, dad and sister had been involved in a fatal car crash. Holly, however, had been perfectly safe as she had been on the Hogwarts Express at the time of the accident. After she had finished reading, Lily sat in silence, letting this new information sink in. That explains why she has been so distant and moody over the last few days, Lily thought, after the news had sunk in. She read over the bit at the end of the article and realised why Holly had taken deep offence at being called a Squib. Poppy had been a Squib! Suddenly, there was a sound from the common room, Lily jumped off the bed and went to investigate. When she got to the common room, Lily saw a small girl, wiping a tear-stained face, climbing through the portrait hole. Lily and Holly held each others gaze for a moment but as soon as Lily opened her mouth, the other girl ran across the room and into the first-year dormitory. Lily knew not to follow the girl but thought, this is going to be harder than I expected.

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