The First Year Troubles, Harry Potter

A new generation of Harry Potter.

I have made up a few characters so beware!


10. Chapter 10

"Explain!" Angelina Weasley was a tall, black haired woman who was usually a very happy person. This is until Danny and Fred do something wrong. When this happens this beautiful woman turns into an ugly dragon who will breath fire at the slightest agitation. This was one of those times. Danny quickly explains what happened with them and Anna, trying hard not to press his mothers pressure points which would automatically get them a grounding over Christmas. Once he had finished the story, Angie looked from Danny to Fred and then back again before sighing and standing aside so her sons could exit the room.

"Close shave, mate!" Fred remarked, throwing an apple to Danny.
"Yeah! Good job she didn't ground us! Christmas would have been ruined!" Danny said, chucking the apple into the air and catching it. "James! Do you an Al want to come up to padock on play Quidditch?" He through the apple to his black haired cousin who was walking across the landing.
James stuck his palm towards the boys and caught the apple in one swift movement, "I would but Al's helping the girls with Christmas stuff. I could go and see if Louis wants to come though."

So fifteen minuites later, Danny, Fred, James and their cousin Louis were trudging up the hill to the shadded padock where they played Quidditch. When they had walked through the kitchen to get outside, the twins recieved rather dirty and dark looks from Sasha and Molly alike. Anna and Lily didn't notice them due to Vicky bustling them to the other side of the kitchen and Albus was too emersed in what he was doing to care.

"I'm here, guys," Ginny Weasleys voice sounded from the kitchen at 6 o'clock that evening and the room was suddenly full of action. Lily was the first one out of the living room and ran over to hug her mum. Her four siblings also the entered the room but slower and Molly went over to greet her daughter. "Isn't your dad back yet?" Ginny asked Chloe after a quick scan around the kitchen.
"He is working later tonight. Something about a bunch of wizard fires in Sheffield," Chloe reported back to her mum, detangling her little sister from around Ginny's body. Ginny nodded and moved into the Living Room, ready to be updated on the days events.


After Ginny had been filled in on the days events and the whole family had had a wonderful dinner it was time for half an hour of excited christmas talk and then it was bed time for the children. Lily and Vicky were sharing a room with Rose and Anna who were very close to Lily in age. As the four of them trudged upstairs to the second landing, Lily was distinctly quiet. Not at all like her usual, bubbly self. Vicky chose not to say anything in the company of her cousins but that didn't stop her saying anything at half past 11 that night when both Rose and Anna were blissfully sleeping.
"Whats the matter, Petal?" Vicky asked, using her sisters nick name instead of her real one and creeping over to Lily's bed to give her a hug.
"Nothing. I was just thinking."
"About what?"
Lily took a little while to answer this one, "Christmas and if dad will make it home in time." She leaned passed her Vickys arm to look at the clock on the table. 15 minuites to midnight... 15 minuites to Christmas day.
"OK, little Petal, but try and get some sleep before morning. If you don't Santa won't come and you won't have any presents!"
"Vicky!" Lily exclaimed, as quietly as possible, and through a cushion at the moving outkine of her sister. Of course, Lily was to old to beleive in Santa Claus anymore but what she told Vicky was a lie. She wasn't thinking about Christmas or her dad, though in the back of her mind she was. She was thinking of that shy, lonely girl, hundred of miles away, sleeping in the dormitary, alone...

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