The First Year Troubles, Harry Potter

A new generation of Harry Potter.

I have made up a few characters so beware!


7. Broken Glass


The rest of September and October passed without much thrill. Lily, Georgia and Clara were enjoying their lessons and all of the teachers were rewarding and praising them.


In mid-october, Vicky held the Gryffindor Quidditch Trials. Most of the competers were quite rubbish but Vicky found 13 people (6 for the the start up team, 7 for the substitute bench) who she thought might have the potential to become a great team.


The Gryffindor Quidditch team were now practising 3 times a week and Lily came to as many practises as she could.

"That was great, Vicky!" Lily congratulated her sister after a rather fantastic practise in early November.

"Thanks, Lily! Our first game is only in a few weeks and its against Slytherin!" Vicky told Lily, anxciety in her voice.

"You're going to be fine!" Chloe said, popping up behind the two girls. "You've all been practising like crazy!"

"I know but..." Vicky was cut off by a loud noise coming from the Entrance Hall. The three sisters ran up the last few steps and into the crowd which were congregated in front of the Grand Staircase.

"What's going on?" Lily asked Clara and Georgia, who had just emerged from the crowd. 

"Holly Piper's just smashed the house point glasses!" Georgia told the other girl, clearly out of breath.

"What?!" Lily, Chloe and Vicky cried out. They looked up, over the heads of nearly the whole school, to were the big hour glasses had been. As Georgia had said, there had obviosly been a disturbannce as there was glass and gems all over the floor! Lily looked over to where the most damage was, on the stairs. She slipped away from her sisters and friend and into a gap in the crowd. Lily tried to get to the stairs but was cut off by Profesor Finnigan.

"Sorry Lily but no one can go up there."

"Oh." Lily said, starting towards the tappestry that consealed a stairway. She ripped back the tappestry and ran up the stairs. Lily ran up stair after stair and along corridor after corridor. She ran up to the entrance of the Gryffindor common room and gasped the password. As soon as the Fat Lady swung forward, Lily rushed into the common room and up the stairs to her dormitory. She flung open the door and saw a sight that didn’t supprise her.


Holly was there, kneeling by her trunk, flinging clothes and books into it. She was concentraring so much on what she was doing, that she didn’t even look up until Lily spoke.

“Why?” Lily said simply, making the other girl jump. There was an uneasy silence between the two 11 year olds but finally Holly spoke.

“I suppose it’s been building up since – well – the day,” Holly stopped to breath and wipe the tears from her face, “And – er – I sort of needed to let it out.”

“So you’re running away? You haven’t even told anybody have you?” Lily asked, walking towards the girl.

Holly took a big gulp and looked up into those emerald green eyes, “Yes, I am going to get as far away from here as possible. That’s better for everyone.” Lily could tell this was all she was going to get out of the girl so she opened her arms and let Holly fall into them. There they stayed for a long time until Lily felt the girl, still tearstained and red eyed, relax and drift into a dreamless sleep. Lily lifted Holly onto her bed and tucked her in, making sure the scarlet curtains were securely drawn around her. She then sorted the mess at the foot of the bed.


It wasn't long before Lily could hear voices from the common room. She quickly finnished tiddying up and then jumped into bed, closing the curtians firmly behind her. She heard the dormitary door open and then shut, admiting two other girls. They were talking about the events of the day, getting changed for bed at the same time. It seemed, to Lily, that they were the only people who knew that Holly was the person that had broken the House Point glasses. Lily chose to stay silent throughout Georgia and Clara disscusion and, after about half an hour, heard that the two girls had fallen asleep. She eased her duvet off and carfully opened her curtians. No! Gerorgia and Clara had left their curtians open so if she made they woke up they would be able to see her. Lily tiptoed out of the room and down the stairs. As she entered the common room she saw Vicky, reading, in a chair by the fire. As Lily had suspected, Vicky was on night duty. Lily hadn't even done anything but har sister seemed to know that she was there. Vicky put her book down and turned to the stair doorway, where Lily was hidden in the darkness. She had to reveal herself, Vicky was the reason that she was down here! Lily stepped into the light and saw Vicky smile. She patted the seat next to her, indicating to her younger sister. "Are you OK, Lil?" Vicky asked, hugging the little girl. "Yeah - well - no - not really..." Lily trailed off, sniffeling into her sisters top. "I suppose I just want everyone to be friends and to be happy..."  



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