Illustration for life


1. Illustration for Life

‘’How am I going to tell her’’? That’s all I could think. Why had I been so stupid? I’d always been the good girl; the one daughter she could depend on. Maybe I could keep it a secret, she didn’t need to know. No, I can’t lie. I’ve never been any good at it, just like when I was five and I sneakily ate all the biscuits. Mum walked in and asked what I’d been doing and I got the giggles. But that was ten years ago, and I wish all I’d done was eat a few biscuits. Ouch, my wrist was hurting again. I pulled my shirt sleeve up and examined my ink stained skin. A beautiful pattern of flowers danced up my arm and ended at my wrist. It was definite, my mum would kill me! I’d been brought up a strict catholic with harsh rules and never dared to test the boundaries. I stood still, touching my reddened skin as a car pulled up behind me. ‘’Maria, get in the car, we need to go shopping!’’ Mums voice gave my heart an electric charge and I turned around without thinking, to her command. She stared at my wrist in horror. ‘’What have you done!’’

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