I.N.S.E.C.T: A.C.E Division

A plot with pretzel-like twists, hopefully you'll like it... if you actually read it... and if you've no allergy to pretzels...
And by the way, i know that 11 chapters might seem a long read, but they are not very long! Plus, if people are actually interested in it (big ask, i know) then i'll publish the remaining chapters


10. The maniac's henchmen

The three of them walked out of the room. The boy. The boy had been told. Everything. But so had he. He sat back in his chair, watching the empty room as if it were filled with gold. Then he chuckled. He chuckled and thought about how idiotic- how truly idiotic they were. He had thought the bug would be easily discovered. A small, round object stuck to a plain white ceiling. But it had worked. He smiled, then pressed the button concealed underneath his desk. Three men strode in, wearing black leather combat suits. The tallest and broadest stepped forward. All three had a thick layer of tattoos covering every inch of their faces, acting like masks. He had thought of that. He had. ‘Klamus, they will take the boy there tonight. He will arrive in the evening guarded by at least five guards. Take as many trucks as necessary. And kill him. I don’t care how, personally the more painful the better, but just do it. And bring back something… a finger, perhaps.’ ‘Yes, Mr Krav. And what about the girl?’ He leant back in his chair, stroking his beard. Then he spoke. ‘She will also be there. Bring her to me. And we shall see she gets to meet her mother- in hell.’ The three of them left, and Krav smiled. It was too easy. He threw his paperweight, still flecked with crimson, which flew towards the wall and embedded itself in the head of Thomas O’Malley. Soon he would do it for real.

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