I.N.S.E.C.T: A.C.E Division

A plot with pretzel-like twists, hopefully you'll like it... if you actually read it... and if you've no allergy to pretzels...
And by the way, i know that 11 chapters might seem a long read, but they are not very long! Plus, if people are actually interested in it (big ask, i know) then i'll publish the remaining chapters


5. The beliefs of the few

I frowned. ‘I’m sorry?’ The thin man and the other four chuckled. ‘I.N.S.E.C.T,’ he said, ‘stands for the InterNational Society of Experimental Changes in Technology. It is a global, secret company which designs, develops, creates, tests and evaluates new technology, to benefit the world. A.C.E stands for Advanced Cellular Enhancement: in other words, in our division we deal with designing, making and testing technology to fulfil biological needs.’ He clicked a button on the wall and a projector screen slid down. ‘I’m sure you have many questions to ask,’ he said. I nodded. ‘First of all,’ I said, ‘what, in the name of all that’s holy, am I doing here?’ ‘Good question,’ he smiled. ‘The very reason for you being here dates back to… well, about three thousand years ago.’ He tapped on the projector screen and it flashed into life, and on screen were the words ‘I.N.S.E.C.T: A.C.E Division’. ‘You see, Tom, back then, there lived a small tribe of people called the ‘Kchtanta’. The words ‘KCHTANTA (K – CHA- NTA) flashed up on the screen. ‘The tribe was made up very few people- around ten- who heralded strong beliefs about the nature of this world, and indeed, the universe. He tapped away at the computer located to the right of the screen, and an image of the world flashed up. ‘You see, Tom, they believed that everything- mammals, fish, birds, rocks, the stars, even the air we breathe- is made up of tiny, infinitesimal balls of energy.’ The image of the world, and the sky around it, split up into tiny dots. The image then zoomed out, showing the rest of solar system made up of said dots. ‘They also believed that this energy could be harnessed and manipulated. In other words, you could have an infinite amount of energy, drawn from everything around you, to be used and controlled. An unlimited supply, from the ever- expanding universe.’ He tapped on the computer again and a diagram of a human flashed up. ‘Now here’s the clever part. They discovered that the reason humans were given dominion over other organisms was because we are made up of Chansz. We can use the energy from around us, which we can move, split up, and then reconnect. It ultimately means that we could achieve the impossible: passing through solid matter. Simply scatter the balls of energy that you are made up of- known as Chansz to them- and pass through whatever you want to go through. To put it simply: you can teleport.’ The projector displayed: CHANSZ (CH- AN- Z), and then the words faded and were replaced by a diagram of a human breaking a wall up into dots- Chansz- then passing through it and onto the other side. I took a deep breath, taking all of the information in. ‘So then… why do you want me?’ He smiled. ‘It’s very simple, Tom. We believe... that you are one of the Kchtanta.’

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