The Son and the Dead

A university student unexpectedly never turns up at his new University. His mother is soon sent a message from her son saying he is studying at a different University and resting in room 23. When she arrives at the university, she is told this room has not been used for twenty one years... Is this a prank or a great use of evil?
A mother must fight death itself to escape the grips of her dead son who is desperate for her to join him.
Join the mother in a thriller which will send chills down your spine...


1. My Son, Jack

Jack was a lovely child. So polite and thoughtful. A wonderful son. He was always a great fan of education. He said it was his life. He said he wanted to go to university. Thankfully he was never like me. I used to turn up at school two hours late, smoke behind the tree and drink as much alcohol  as I felt like.

I gave all that up for Jack. For him and for the sake of his education. I didn't want to be the embarrissing mother standing out side waiting for him to leave school. His father left him three weeks after he was born (he said it was too much for him to handle). I got remarried when Jack was five. I believed he needed a father. Eleven years later, my first daughter was born. That very year, I lost my husband. I try not to think about it.

Education is supposed to lead to success and the good things in life. It seemed like it was heading that way for me and my family too.  Jack wanted to go to university. I knew it was irrational after all the sacrifices made, after all his hard work, but I didn't want to let him. I knew I wouldn't handle it but the thing was, it wasn't my life. It was his life and he wanted to move on. He wanted to show he was grown up. Practically an adult.. He was ready to step out on his own.

I thought I did the right thing, letting him go, but the moment I saw his crystal blue mini drive into the distance I had that gut feeling you get when you feel something is about to go wrong. I thought about stopping him. But I didn't.. Tears dripped down my face and I felt sick. I ran towards the toilet and was sick a few times before telling myself that all would be fine. I thought all would be fine. Now I have learnt to always believe what my guts tell me. I remember that night After he left, when my daughter got home from school asking her if Jack had gone to her school to say goodbye to her.Of course, she said yes. That day, when he drove off, was the last time I saw him. The last time I saw his smile. The last time I saw him alive...

For fourteen days I prayed for him to return. Cried my eyes out in grief, trying to hold onto hope. Looking back now, I must have been a terrible mother to my daughter for those fourteen days. She would always cry but I would never comfort her.  I wasn't able to comfort her. Every time I thought I would try I would just begin to cry myself even more. The funeral was awful. I didn't listen to what everybody had to say. I just cried. I cried and cried and cried.

You may ask me why I say fourteen days .You see, on the fourteenth day, I heard the phone ring. Not an unusual occurance, of course. The phone had barely stopped ringing for the past fortnight.. It was the first time I picked up the phone since he had left. I wish I hadn't now. After a moment of silence I heard  Jack's voice. He told me he was okay and studying in a different university deep in the mountains of Wales and was staying in room twenty three. I asked him why he hadn't phoned but he had already hung up. I was relieved but overwhelmed with anger. For about three minutes! And then it struck me and I began screaming and shouting in joy. My daughter thought I had gone mad until I told her why I was so excited. She joined me in the screaming and shouting. What must the neighbours have thought?

Obviously I was going to go to him so I packed mine and my daughters backpacks and climbed into the car. I picked up my youngest child from school. She  sat in the back of the car playing her  gameboy which had once belonged to Jack. She didn't look up or talk to me often. The only time she did, she told me that Jack was sitting nxet to her. I thought it was a joke back then but now I am starting to think differently. I thought everything was perfect. I should have known that nothing is perfect.


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