My Valentine

This is my entry for the valentine competiton.

When Kara meets the strangest boy she has ever met,no matter how hard she tries, she uncovers more and more secrets about him. Is it only to many little secrets she can uncover before it's to late-before she's dragged so far in this world she can't find a way out.Before she's stuck with it for life.
It isn't easy falling in love with a creature that seems to unreal to really exist! Could he ever be her valentine


4. New Faces

His face was carved like stone,his skin was threaded from the finest silk,who was this new face.He began to slouch down in his chair,his lip curved his mouth in distaste the creases in his marvel skin were magical.I wanted to get to know this New Face - this was my chance - my only chance.I stared at him gawping,he caught me by the corner of his eye,I turned in a flash, totally abashed (oops).His pencil hit the table,his book closed with ease,his arms folded reluctantly;I swear he had noticed my interest maybe that was why he made a move.

"So you moved here from New York." His eyebrows raised in suspicion -

How did he know,what, had he been following me or something?.Wow word really spread round quick.

"Yeah I-I just moved". I spluttered pathetically.

He nodded maybe with lack of interest.

"Probably the worst decision I've ever made in my life". I confirmed

His face turned to the side twitching somehow,maybe he was laughing at me

"It aint so bad I guess it's...interesting." he began;something about the way he said it,unnerved me like it was  a game to him.

"So tell me." His words lingered on my skin.

"What is your name."


"Kara have beautiful eyes." My heart triggered had he really complemented me - (I felt like I was on the craziest drug)

"Thank you" I choked.

He shuffled on his seat to face me his attention totally fixed on me,butterflies swam in my stomach!

"Geez it's blimmin freezing in here ugh!" I shivered in my bare seat, as Mr. Dartwood walked out the class as suspicious as I was.

He chuckled at my choice of words. Slowly the boy reached for my palm in slow motion;hands of gold pressing against mine.

"That better" he smiled. he let go suddenly like he overpowered himself and chuckled at my expression,like it was no big deal.The moment was magical the first time we touch it was like an electric spark sending tingles in my spine.

"What are you mega man." I smiled

"Maybe I am -  or maybe I'm just the slightest bit interested in you,you like flirtin' up guys."

"I do not" I screeched. He puckered his cheeks almost as if he was about to burst with laughter.

"Oh yeah Tom Parcs, nice choice tall,dark not to mention a total maniac for girls like you."

What how did he know,I tried to read his thoughts yet again i failed to match up to his superiority.

"What are you a personal stalker,wait I guess you are." I giggled

"No but I notice things and I see things to." I wasn't quite sure what he meant but I wasn't willing to question him.

A kind of pain hit him in his stomach filled his mouth with desire as he cupped it from outbreak.He shook it off and continued to meet my curious gaze.what was with him?

"So what are your type then nobody seems good enough for you" I sighed as I asked a bit to demanding if you asked me.

"Well- interesting someone who fascinates me,I can't bear small talk,pale,chocolate eyes,brunettes are more my type,someone who amuses me, someone who questions my efficiency.

He spoke like no regular 18 year old boy,I pictured him in my thoughts walking in the distance but he slowly faded out of my grasp.

"Huh well I don't think you'll ever find that,no matter where you look."

he smiled cunningly ready to pounce the words he spoke now were the smoothest and most magical.

 He smiled melting at me.He laughed to himself as if he found me amusing,glowering towards me I tried to hide behind a curtain of hair so I could take a better glimpse of him.

"I think I already have."

I sighed with discontent: whoever this girl was - was the luckiest girl alive - I hoped she savoured every moment with him and made them last.

Before I could even blink the bell rang for lunch hour - he was gone and I didn't even no his name.

it was all a daze i struggled to walk straight stumbling towards the crowd as I walked into the cafeteria it was mayhem,what was with this whole school feeding time for the zoo animals,I trudged slowly trying not to make a scene.I looked up self-conciously waiting for any stare to direct my eyes back to the floor,I looked for this boy where was he, he was nowhere to be seen;or found.There wasn't much variety of food here , I guessed that was the way things were,I eyed up a ham and cheese sandwich.

"C'mon love we haven't got all day."  A fat dinner lady about twice my age befouled in skin,frowned at me.

"Oh sorry cheese n' ham please." she slumped it on my tray.

I turned around dazed waiting for that feeling of panic,for when that moment came to find my seat.

"Kara,Kara over here girl,sit ere!"

A blonde girl waved vigorously for my attention.

It was Meg! I slowly paced my way to find my seat.

"Hows it going Kara,I've been looking for you like all day,Likin' it."

I swivelled my eyes round my particapants two boys one familiar Tom...what a coincidence and a few other faces that had popped up a few times.

"Kara this is Jo,Hannah and Kelsi."

Jo was a caramel haired boy,who was still going through the stage of adolescence as far as I could tell but he seemed friendly enough,Hannah was a strawberry blonde with streaks of brown highlights she was very pretty,but obviously pounded herself with unexcessive makeup,and then there was Kelsi with jet black hair and a chinese ethnic to her face she looked lovely in her red glasses and cute blouse I noticed she liked her reading wich gave us something in common.

"Hi." I smiled half-heartedly.

"Hi I'm Kelsi nice to meet you." she shook my hand and gave me a warming smile.

Tom and Jo were squirting each other with soda laughing hystericaly,Hannah rolled her eyes and looked to Megan.

"Kara if your not busy this Wednesday me n' the girls were wondering if you wanted to go see Kill 4."

"Kill 4." Hannah screeched.

"Kill 4 looks epic c'mon Hannah it's not that scary, and at least you'll have popcorn to throw if you totally freak out!" Kelsi added 

Hannah gave her a sarcastic look while Megan giggled.

"You coming then, trust me it will be really fun,you can sit next to me so you don't get exploded with popcorn." Kelsi persisted.

Hannah gave her a steely look as Megan nudged her.

"Yes I'm totally up for Kill 4 and at least it'll give me some time to chill." I replied a little too enthusiastically.

"What film 4 oh that looks sick!,hey Meg think we can come."Jo begged.

He gave her the puppy dog eyes that I admit even I couldn't resist.

"Yeah please Megs atleast we aint  scared,I'll buy all the snacks." Tom pleaded glancing towards me.

Jo caught his eye and wiggled his eyebrows at him,while Tom blushed scarlet.Hannah gave me an icy look,I knew Tom was hers and that was fine with me...

"Well it's all settled,and you two best behaviour or else!" she said solemnly

"Anyways guys." Meg continued

"Me and Hannah have got gym we'll catch up later."

Megan scooped up her bag and gave me a warm hug she blew a kiss at Jo,high fived Kelsi and waved to Tom.Hannah and her strutted off like siamese twins they were perfect for each other drop dead gorgeous and there for each other.Like Barbie and Ken.

I was left with two guys who had serious childishness issues and Kelsi.

"So are you liking school, I mean are you dieing of boredom yet." Kelsi asked,

"It's ok,maths isn't the best subject." I muttered

"Oh Kelsi,would know about that she's the maths wiz!". Jo churped

"Shut up Jo" She barked.

Jo nudged Tom again playfully - Kelsi got her bag and gestured me to come with her,

"Bye Kara" Tom called.

"Yeah bye Kara" Jo said in a sarcastic lovey dovey tone.

As soon as my back was turned Jo and Tom continued to playfight;Tom obviously getting payback for his embarrassing incident with Jo just a a second ago.

"Boys" Kelsi sighed. "You know they never grow up"

"Yeah,especially Tom is he and Hannah an item." I asked suspiciously

"Well yeah but Tom always goes for other girls- there is something there though,although Hannah will get her claws into anyone in her way!,Why?"  she chuckled.

"Just wondering she gave me the killer look." I laughed.

"I know this is a bit sudden Kara but would you mind if I got a lift with you, I mean I would ask Meg but she's busy."

I could tell Kelsi had always been the one left out but now I was here I'm sure that'd come to an end,we continued to make talk and I found gradually Kelsi and I were identical,coming to think of it I would rate her looks higher than Hannahs and Megs when you got to know her.As the day ended I caught a glimpse of the boy with three other good looking students (typical),Me and Kelsi drove the long way home as I hugged her a goodbye happily enough.

As I walked up the pebble path I was greeted at the door by a familiar face - Dads!

"Good day"

"Yeah it was great I made some really nice friends they're nice I s'pose."

"See I knew you'd love it a few more weeks and you'll have regretted ever wanted to back."

"Yeah" I muttered too low for him to hear.

"Dad I'm going to the cinemas tomorrow."I cringed

"Yeah sure go ahead but no dilly-dallying and 10 tops." He chortled

"Thanks Dad."

"Where's Claire?" I continued

"Oh down at the supermarket with um...what's it called Megs mum  Sue, shopping I tell you! do me a favour love will you put the tea on."

"Sure thing dad".  I responded

I put the chicken in the oven and set to work on peeling the potatoes,I knew Dad liked homemade chips best.All through the procedure I couldn't help but think about the boy I'd met today I wanted to know more about him he was beautiful.As I settled to sleep I dreamed we swung on a swing together embracing laughing gleefuly full of joy and love.












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