My Valentine

This is my entry for the valentine competiton.

When Kara meets the strangest boy she has ever met,no matter how hard she tries, she uncovers more and more secrets about him. Is it only to many little secrets she can uncover before it's to late-before she's dragged so far in this world she can't find a way out.Before she's stuck with it for life.
It isn't easy falling in love with a creature that seems to unreal to really exist! Could he ever be her valentine


2. Home Sweet Home


 The mountains peaked, the sky rose, the wind whispered it's secrets to the fresh grass;sheltered amongst the trees in Colorado. We drove up towards the house I would now recall as home,it seemed cosy ,terraced windows, with a pathway festooned with hand-picked pebbles; you could obviously tell it had been updated.

"So what do you think hon" Dad asked with uncertainty in his rough voice as he slammed the car door.

"Dad it''s lovely". I exclaimed

he flushed a big sigh of relief, I was off the hook for now,

"Sue head on in,i'll get the bags".

he gestured me to follow.

The walls seemed creamy as I first entered  - infront of me stood a staircase at either side two doorways lay bare - my attention was immediately drawn on the stairs.Sue saw my sudden expression.

"Well go on then your room won't greet itself".

I laughed and bounded my way up the cotton stairs. As I entered I was surprised the room was fresh but there seemed to be  a warmer side ,with a huge range of modern furniture,well-picked lacy curtains,and a bed to die for.The floor seemed to be a bright type of oak it was completely different to what I expected yet it was homey.Then something caught my eye.

"Like it,I made it myself". she spoke doubtully.

"Oh Claire you shouldn't have". I said hoarsely


I burrowed into her warm, embrace her musky smell, there before me  lay a collage of me at my best,me and my late mother.I pounded sharp tears into her chest,in doing so she held me tighter.

"Oh Kara love don't cry I'm sorry, I've made a mistake I'm so-"

"No I'm crying because"I mustered a breath

"It's beautiul Sue i can't thank you enough." I sobbed,

"Hey what can stepmothers do.I suppose I should let you get on with you bags then",

As soon as she was gone my sleeve formed into a tissue,the thing I liked about Sue was yes she was clingy but she was also understanding and i rated her or that,as I packed i felt like I'd been here for centuries (litteraly).I stopped and slowly sank mysel into my new bed fixing my focus up towards the ceiling looking or answers,searching even: why was everything so different,then it struck me Dad would think something was up.I pushed myself off the bed clawing at my hair and headed for the stairs.My foot cautioned,below i heard muffled voices,strange ones that weren't already asserted in my brain,I trotted down like a panther.

"Ah Kara this is, Sue and Megan...Felton".

Sue smiled, Megan gestured towards me with a welcoming smile".

"Hi" she babbled as we walked towards the sitting room.

"Uh hi,I'm-"

"Kara right yeah you just moved here with you Dad from...New York is it,yeah me and my Mom just thought we'd pop round and  say hello".

She surpised me with her sudden rush of conversation like we'd know one another for years.

"So how are you liking the place neat huh?".

"Yes it's great actually not exactly, surrounded with big lights and Malls."I Announced

"Well, I guess lifes not only about the big city, your in Colorado now,well the wilder side." She giggled,rolling her eyes at my reply like I was totally brainwashed.

"You live near?" I questioned now intrigued by this new character.

"well actually I live just near the reserve prett-ay great,although school isn't the best part,you'll be starting i hear....Blue water high".

Was she a mind reader or she already knew everything; considering my Dad blubbed it out.

"Yes,are they nice?, or are they all barbie dolls."

She giggled hystericaly at my comment.

"Good'n no but yeah they are pretty friendly you'll know everyone in no-time besides,did i mention cute guys!"

"That doesn't sound so bad" I replied

"Mmm well I guess I'll see you at school then eh?, we could hang out sometime".

I smiled at the thought this honey coloured girl with the darkest eyes I'd ever held on mine before.

"Hopefully we'll have lessons together". she seemed prety hopeful

"As long as it doesn't includematsh does that count". She laughed hystericaly again, I like how easy she was to get along with.

"I love your hair by the way I pointed out".

"Oh this she flushed natural blonde, well I really look forward to seeing you again K-Kara".

"Meg, C'mon say goodbye we're going now honey" Sue screeched.

Meg sat up quickly.

"Well I'll see you at school and don't be shy to pop round once in a while".

I winced did I just say that (I hadn't responded so affectively until now)she was suddenly hugging me softly.

"Bye" and with that she was gone.

Later I embarked on the long conversation with my dad it was quite awkward, it just made me feel like I needed to be home right now.

"Where are you going love,bed already."

"Yeah school tommorow" I yawned

"Kay love sweet dreams".

"Sweet dreams Dad". I bellowed down the stairs

All night no matter how hard I tried I didn't fail to cry myelf to sleep until the emptiness was bearable.














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