My Valentine

This is my entry for the valentine competiton.

When Kara meets the strangest boy she has ever met,no matter how hard she tries, she uncovers more and more secrets about him. Is it only to many little secrets she can uncover before it's to late-before she's dragged so far in this world she can't find a way out.Before she's stuck with it for life.
It isn't easy falling in love with a creature that seems to unreal to really exist! Could he ever be her valentine





It didn't make sense........then again;non of it made any sense.There before me lay this mythical beauty of a creature:skin hot;unbelievably appealing emerald eyes;body rough  to the touch but smoothed in its form;an almost immortal creature able to outstand over 1000 years of existence;breath lukewarm yet hypnotizing and not to mention his subtle voice - that flowed caressively - it almost enchanted me and lured me in.I was under his spell,no matter how hard I begged myself  - how much I pleaded to break myself free - to see some sense in this madness.I never wanted to let go of what stood before me.Ever.(doing so would make life unbearable)

I knew he was unbreakably strong.That he possesd remarkable powers;not only was he the most breakth-taking thing I had ever seen.Why:because I had fallen in love with him,and he loved me,nothing would persuade me otherwise.Somewhere deep in him he could not let me go at that moment I knew we were destined to be together for eternity:I had to admit no matter how hard I tried -I Kara Winter was in love with him!I  imagened us growing old together,he cascading his blazing arms protecting me from any source of harm.

"Kara" He pursed with concern on his face was I going mad.He chuckled amusingly at my expression.

"What...wh what is it?" I stuttered aghast.I moved out of my relaxed position surely enough.

He chuckled continuously now raising his eyebrows as I continued to look bemused,his light-hearted expression to everything really annoyed me at times;but I guess that was the part I loved

"Was I daydreaming again?"

"Maybe" he continued.

"I was just wondering if well-"

I broke him off in mid sentence.

"Yes I'll do anything for you;I'd jump of a cliff,I'd run athousand miles I'd even do the impossible.Anything.Everything...If you would just-"

"Shhh....Kara,don't speak like that you nearly knocked the blimmin' daylights out o' me,don't ever say anyhting so absurd!"

I chuckled now resting my head on his warm chest his beating heart racing;no where near as fast as mine.He sat up now meeting my gaze.

"I don't know what I'd do without you,your part of me now -Kara no matter how hard I try I..."

It was if he took the words straght out of my mouth.

He stopped again ,I blinked why had he? I knew he struggled deeply to explaing things.He ignored my temptful gaze - I realized just how much this meant to him.To me!

"Like I said" he began.

"This is complicated ,very complicated it'sthe most ridiculous thing in the whole world,your my other half.

"Like a puzzle" I commented linking or fingers together,immediatly the heat rose off his like a radiator.

He paused to take a gasp of air (not like it was good enough even for him)

"Not in all these years,that I've been this beast"

He put so much emphasis on the word how could he do that to himself - he was my beast - as chaotic as it sounded he was my dragon"

"I'm just glad I could make someone like you so happy and I would never take that away from you."He spoke the words solemnly

"I'm just gald somebody loves me". I replied

Just as I was about to continue he didnt fail (yet again) to take my breath away,At that moment he cupped his hands around my boring face,as he twined his fingers into my mahogany jungle of waves,I became him at his scorching blistering touch,then he breathed a long scent of comforting air that fanned my face filling me with an arome of heaven.

"Do you want me to prove it". He whispered playfully raising his eyebrows wearing me down.I cringed all tingly.

His face arched plunging itself forward,I tried to calm myself from what was happening,stay calm, just relax! I told myself - as his face tilted as he grew nearer and nearer - a sensation tingled down my spine, I was a confused animal not knowing how to react.My eyes were bulging out theirr sockets,they shut tight then...

HE KISSED ME! hi hot breath lingered down the back of my throat,my heart nearly failed altogether,I lost all sense of self -control and all the normalaties of life told me react .Anyway it was to late now before I knew it I was tugging at his golden locks holding it there,miraculously I was kissing him back.My lips formed like clay around his tender strength.He was so careful any second I was waiting to be crushed in his embrace - by his power yet to my surprise I stayed exactly the same- our lips moving to a rhythm.Then it was over he pushed me back gently not wanting to take advantage of me what a gentleman,Then he placed one last kiss on my sinful lip 'It may have only lasted a fraction of a second but it meant the world to me'.

"Does that prove". He smiled.

I raced for breath

"Alex you..KISSED me" I was totally bewildered!

"Now Kara don't fret to much if I knew this was how you were going to react I'd".

But he knew there was no way he could ever have resisted to hold back into not kissing me,well i convinced myelf non the wiser.

He realized my expression had changed

"I'd kiss you again." His dangerous town convinced me now to be in love with him more than ever before.

He chuckled another throaty laugh and sighed as he outlived the moment,

"What did you expect?"

He questioned me now, I knew him to well not to answer.

"Well I'd expected you'd probably burn me to ashes maybe even kill me, burn me to flames then I realized no matter what the truth turned out to be I trusted you,It still did not change my perspective on you." I replied coarsely.

"So you expected me to come and whisk you away with my scaly skin, my wings would take us somewhere."He chuckled

I looked at him trying to read his thoughts, I wonder if he imagined it for himself; 'cause I did.

"Well yeah pretty much ." I whispered in his ear.

"Kara do you believe?" He whispered back, he held out my hand at placed it on his heart.

"I've seen you before my real eyes your beautiful, 'n' it's pretty frickin obvious".

"Language!" He gave me an edgy smile.

"Well I knew there was something different about you, definitely not human".

He raised his pencil eyebrows upwards now , he took another deep breath, I wasn't aware that his arms were now locked against my waist, the other sinking into the sofa.

"What I'm trying to get at Kara.Do you trust me"

"Yes,more than anything." I said nonchalantly

"Kara I can tell there is so many questions you want to ask ,my past,my kind,my family,me.But before I tell you,seeing as this is important to you,not so much to me as I've lived through the ages,but if it makes you happy then-"


"Will you be my valentine".

I couldn't breath...what he tried to read my expression.

"I mean...will you be my valentine to the prom."

And with that lay my head against his chest,putting my whole faith in this creature

A free man chooses; a slave obeys -

I was not just any ordinary slave I was his!Alexs slave i made sure that word was in automatic lock in my brain,I was ready for adventure,Iwas ready for wherever it would take me.

Had I ever met anyone who ould - transform into a dragon.

There was only one thing I could regret 'ever wanting to have never have come here'








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