Night Terror

The poem follows a man, he sees a past love in his dreams. He remembers the first time he sees her and debates within himself if he should take a risk to follow love (as he never felt such emotion before) and decides to follow it as he cannot get rid of it. But as the night fades so does she (as she is now only apart of his dreams).


1. Night Terror Poem


Ne'er have I seen a graceful sight

  Like the vivid moon burning bright. 

I felt a rush of tender sweet

  Emotion so soft like velvet. 

Then my heart began to hammer;

  My voice had began to stammer.


My legs stood lifeless, made of stone,

  My heart beats, love sits on his thone; 

Here he will not shift from my chest,

  His will rules passion, I protest! 

Such a love surely means despair!

  Is it worth such a risk, a snare?


Her eyes reflect the starry sky,

  The smile that blinds; the evening nigh.

The rays softly lighten her face

  With a colourful hue from space, 

The sun rises on raven locks

  The moons light gone, overstocked.


Ruptured, the moons pale hue fades,

  Her form glows, raven locks cascade,

Golden bright light restores the day

  Consciousness spent, she turns away.

Her body melts, my hand reaching;

  My voice shouts out, high pitched, screeching!


Forever I will remember

  Such a cold dreary December,

Deaths frosty, cruel, and bitter hand,

  Grim night terrors on his command, 

Remembering, sleep decreased:

  Dark memories of the deceased.


Once the night returns and the moon brings pain,

Once asleep I will dream of her again.

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