Love on the high seas

Two independant travellers searching for adventure in the new world. Their paths cross and true love blossoms on the high seas, but will they have a happy ending......


1. Mary Ellen and Lydia

One cold, crisp morning in 1919, a year after the war,  Mary Ellen, who was 20, was setting off to work at the mill with her older sister Lydia, who was 27. They made their way down the cobbled, narrow streets were the houses were backed to back. As they walked through the bare town of Blackburn Mary Ellen whispered to her sister " This place is gloomy and depressing and I dont think I can cope and I think it is time we got away!." As they walked through the tall grey gates into the mill yard they spotted a new advertisement on the noticeboard. Then Lydia said " Look over there at the noticeboard there is a new advertisment! Shall we go and have a look what it says?"

" Yes we should but we will have to do after our shift because we are going to be late!" replied Mary Ellen.


As soon as the shift claxon sounded everyone made their way to the clocking out machine. Once Mary Ellen and Lydia were out of the mill and onto the mill yard they walked over to the noticeboard where the advertisment was hung. Mary Ellen and Lydia were amazed to read about a new exciting adventure! The caption read " START A NEW LIFE IN AMERICA,  IN THE NEW WORLD! There is an opportunity for you to start a new life with many jobs and good pay!" Mary Ellen looked at Lydia and was suprised to see that her eyes were glinting at the thought of a new life..... they both had nothing to loose! On their journey home they couldn't stop talking about this wonderful opportunity. Over the weeks that followed Mary Ellen and Lydia continued to talk about America and the new world. Lydia being the oldest took charge to find out when the next boat from Liverpool was due to set sail.


The day had finally arrived and Mary Ellen and Lydia stood on the dockside in Liverpool looking at the boats sailing in and out of the harbour. There were about one thousand people many of them young families waiting to board the boat and set sail for a brand new life. While Mary Ellen and Lydia waited  they felt like there was a buzzing yet nervous atmosphere around the harbour. There were men shouting telling everyone they will start boarding in the next two minutes and that  everyone should start to say their their goodbyes to their friends and family that were staying behind. They then began to carry their few belongings up the gangplank and onto the boat. When all the people and cargo was loaded the boat was finally able to set sail with all the people standing against the rails waving their final goodbye to the crowds! As the boat sailed into the open sea the crowd went mad and shouted "GOOD LUCK! AND KEEP SAFE!"



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