Love on the high seas

Two independant travellers searching for adventure in the new world. Their paths cross and true love blossoms on the high seas, but will they have a happy ending......


5. Love is found!

The following morning the sun began to rise. It was a stunning and beautiful day, there were birds flying high in the sky and not a cloud in sight. Mary Ellen and Lydia were both already up and about to go and get some breakfast when Mary Ellen spotted a poster hanging on the wall.  She shouted "Hey Lydia look over there at that poster there is a Captains Ball tonight do you think we should go because I think it will be fun!"                                           "Yes it will be really fun lets go but what are we going to wear?"

"We will have to go and look at what we have got! Come on lets go and look!"


Edwin had awoke and had a spring in his step! He whistled a playful, jolly tune to himself. Tommy told him to be quiet and get a move on. "You have important job you are looking for the love of your life tonight! What are you going to wear?"                                                                                                                                            "I am wearing my best outfit silly I have to look my best!"


As early eveing arrived both Mary Ellen and Lydia had arrived at the Captains Ball -  so had Edwin and Tommy.  Mary Ellen and Lydia sat at a table for four and ordered drinks.  Mary Ellen had a glass of champagne and Lydia had a Manhattan cocktail.  They sipped their drinks and listened to the band play. Just at that moment Edwin and Tommy arrived. They went to the bar and ordered drinks - Bourbon on the rocks! As Edwin turned around he spotted the vision of beauty he keeps having glimpses of. Edwin turned to Tommy and whispered "I have found her! The mission was over they have succeeded!"


Edwin strolled over to the beautiful woman he loves and said "Is there anybody sitting here, may we join you?"

"No you may sit here!" The woman replied.  She was stunned at his striking features and gestured for him to sit down.  As he sat down he introduced himself and his frine. "Hello, my name is Edwin Kay and my friend is called Tommy Wilson!"

"My name is Mary Ellen and this is my sister Lydia!"


As the evening went on they had chatted and laughed and the band still played but suddenly this beautiful, soft song began to play and Edwin said "Would you care to dance Mary Ellen?"  She replied "I would love to".  So Edwin took her hand and led her to the centre of the ballroom.  He held her close and they glided around the dancefloor together.  After the dance Edwin led Mary Ellen onto the deck.. They strolled hand in hand and chatted along the way talking about America. Soon after Edwin looked at her and smiled and asked her if she would leave the boat with him tomorrow?

She answered "Of course I will I love you!"


The morning arrived and Mary Ellen and Lydia packed their belongings and headed to meet Edwin and Tommy on the deck.  Edwin arrived and gave Mary Ellen a kiss and smiled. He took hold of her hand and they headed to the gangplank were they were going to leave.  As the gangplank lowered Tommy and Lydia both carried their belongings and strolled down.  Soon after everyone had left the boat Edwin and Mary Ellen walked hand in hand down the gangplank and into the sunset to start their brank new life in the NEW WORLD!

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