Love on the high seas

Two independant travellers searching for adventure in the new world. Their paths cross and true love blossoms on the high seas, but will they have a happy ending......


3. Life on board The Voyage!

"Lydia I have never felt so upset in my life leaving everyone behind at home!"

"I know it is upsetting Mary but it needed to be done because we cannot carry on our lives the way we have been doing for the past 10 years it has been awful and you know it has!."

"It has yes your right this is our chance to begin the life we deserve!."

A few minutes later there was a blast of cold wind that sent shivers down their spine's. Lydia said "Come on Mary it is beginning to get really chilly up here and I think we need to unpack our stuff because we have a meal with the Catain tonight."

"Alright come on then lets go to our cabin Lydia!."

When they reached there cabin they were amazed at how spacious it was. There where two beds, white and brown, three wardrobes, that were fitted, and many other things that they could enjoy. Compared to their bedrooms at home their cabin was luxury it had everything that their bedrooms didnt have!


Mary Ellen walked into the beautiful bathroom and shouted "Lydia I am going to have a shower! I wont be long!" Meanwhile Lydia began to unpack their clothes. They didnt have many but they had enough. Mary Ellen had a beautiful maxi dress, that was pink and black stripes but it was beautiful, that she was going to wear for the Captains meal and Lydia was going to wear a black and white spotted blouse with a black pencil skirt.


A few hours later Mary Ellen and Lydia strolled down the corridor towards the restaurant where they were having their meal. There were a number of small, round tables that were surrounding one larger one which was the Captains table. On the Captains table there were invtited guests only! Mary Ellen and Lydia were placed on a smaller table with four other guests. As the evening went on they chatted and chuckled with there fellow guests that soon became there dear friends. Half an hour later the waitresses began to go around and take there orders. When the waitresses came to Mary Ellen and Lydia's table Mary Ellen said "Please may I have the tasty tuna with buttery potatoes and chunky, steamed vegatables please?"  Lydia on the other hand asked for a peice of lutious lamb with spring vegtatables and a sweet pea jus!


As the evening went on Mary Ellen, Lydia and friends got chatting about what there plans were for when they get to America. Some of there friends said that they were going to see family; some where going of to start a new buisness and others were doing the same as Mary Ellen and Lydia they were going to start a brand new life! Soon after there meal came and they all ate there dinner! Mary Ellen whispered to Lydia "This fish is fab! It has a succulent texture and a crispy base! How is your dinner Lydia?"

"It is scrumptious! The lamb makes my mouth-water with every bite I take!"                                                                   

Once there meal had ended and they had had a chat, Mary Ellen and Lydia told there friends that they were going to go for a stroll around on the decks. As they left Mary Ellen stopped suddenly at the sight of a beautiful, tall, hansome stranger. When he looked at her she was mezmorised by his piercing blue eyes that stood out!






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