Make of it what you will. This is my entry for the valentine's day competition- and my first ever published material on this website.


1. Behemoth

The rain pounded relentlessly against the pavement as i sprinted along the road. I could hear its heavy footsteps, driving me on, fuelling my muscles. I could feel the icy chill of the wind buffetting me, pain erupting over my body. But it was there, chasing me. I couldn't let it catch up. I had to go on.

I stumbled into an alleyway and tripped, colliding painfully with the cold, wet earth. My jeans were sodden and stained with mud, and the remnants of my top, now tattered strips, were stained crimson with blood. But still i hobbled on, hearing it screech as it emerged into the alleyway. I splashed into a puddle and turned left, seeing the mouth of the alleyway leading back onto the street. As it opened up, the bitter cold consumed me once more. I shivered, staggering behind a car and practically collapsing.

It sprang out of the alleyway and onto the street, slowing with an ominous grace. The only sound was the rain, exploding in fat, watery droplets. I could just make out a shadowy silhouette, human in apperance, but unnatural in its proportions. Its neck was stout, and supported a thick head laden with aberrant lumps. Its arms were far too long, hanging down like vines that threatened to pull me in an eternal embrace, one from which i could not escape. 

I never liked hugs.

I quickly pushed myself up as it screeched and leapt, twisting in midair. I turned to run back along the road, but it had cut me off. Reluctantly, i kicked a puddle at it and limped back into the alleyway. I splashed through puddles once more, feeling the cold, dank liquid seep through my jeans. I heard it bound along the road, its feet slapping on the wet pavement. It was nearing with each second, each step. I grimaced and tore to the left, away from the mouth to the main road.

And further into the darkness.

The alleyway ended with a monolithic brick wall looming in front of me. The acrid, stale stench of tobacco hung in the air. Tendrils of shadow curled over the puddle-infested earth. I sat down, my left shoulder seemingly ablaze with the pain. Grimacing, i inspected my wounds. A large graze had opened up along my upper forearm, peppered with granules of gravel. My arms were littered with contusions, worrying shades of blue popping out of my damp skin. Warm liquid trickled down my face, and i could taste the all-too familiar metallic taste of blood.  My muscles tightened with the arctic air, and my heart practically solidified as the creature came back into view. Its head poked into view, its nostrils flared as it inhaled deeply. Even with the rain, and the hair plastered to my face, i could make out its perverse gibbering as it picked up my scent. It stepped forward.

And i lost it in the darkness.      


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