So What If I Cry

The tears fall thick and fast as usual, she wonders if she'll ever stop crying. The hurt will only stop if she gets away from here. But she can't. She can't even fight back. She's too tired even to say, 'So What If I Cry?'.


2. Grey Sunrise

I don't know how I made it back, but I guess I did, seen as I woke up in my own bed. The sunrise had taken over the view at the window, shining brightly in all it's glory. With a pang, I remembered yesterday. I looked down, allowed my tears to fall, cold and wet against my cheeks, then quickly dried them on the cover as my mum shouted to me.

"Nearly time for the bus, Honey! Hurry up get dressed and eat this toast, you've only got five minutes!" My jaw nearly dropped in shock as she finished her sentence.


I dug through my closet and pulled on my uniform. I scraped around for my equipment, finding my pencil case behind the sofa and my maths work near the biscuit jar, but one of my homework pieces wasn't there. I'd just have to go without it. I wolfed down my toast and rushed to catch the bus. It was an old, down-beat thing, and should have been disposed of a long time ago, but some people just don't stop thinking about budget. The green sheets of metal that made up the frame were adorned with stains of numerous colours, mostly browns and blacks. One of the windows on the top floor (its was a double decker) had cracked, and several others had been graffitied with interesting drawings of our science deparment teachers I clambered on and showed the driver my pass, taking seat at the front, where I was least likely to get bothered. However, knowing me, I'm never that lucky. I had to sit through half an hour of jeering and teasing, not that that was anything, but that made it all the more painful.


Stepping off the bus, I began hurriedly walking to get inside, as if running from the bus that had already began to move away. I sighed depressedly, sitting down at my desk and bracing myself for another tiresome day. What would trip me up now? Would the bullies find something new to wind me up about? Or would they continue with their usual monotonous bullying? Whatever happened, it would always end the same.

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