So What If I Cry

The tears fall thick and fast as usual, she wonders if she'll ever stop crying. The hurt will only stop if she gets away from here. But she can't. She can't even fight back. She's too tired even to say, 'So What If I Cry?'.


3. A New Chance

I sat in first lesson, tapping my pencil on the desk, silently punishing myself for failing to concentrate on the maths work. Equations just weren't the most important thing right now-sorry Sir. Mr Branson peered over my shoulder at the work-or lack there of-I had done, he shook his head and maid a disdainful noise.

"Eleanor, I'd like to see you in my office at the end of the day." Great, just what I needed, a visit to my Maths teacher's office. The sound of the bell resonated around the room, finally reaching my ears, setting that little switch off in my brain, the one that tells me to leave quickly. It's one of the automatic reactions I've developed. I rushed into the next classroom and plonked my bag down on the desk, I looked up. It was English. I liked English, it was like therapy, the more I could express my feelings and pains through literature, the more I could pick up the pieces and keep it together in the physical world. Being who I am, I rarely get noticed for this, but it's all the same to me. 'A writer writes.'  I had been told.


I usually sit on a desk on my own, the others were all partnered up, having been allowed to choose who they sit with. I was the odd one out as this was a class of 25 students. But today I came to my desk, and saw a tall black haired boy sitting in my place, his blue eyes enchanting as he looked up at me.

"Err...That's my place." I told him, pointing nervously at the black chair he was sitting on.

"Oh, sorry!" He apologised, jumping up out of the chair and sliding his equipment along to the next seat. I looked at the name written in neat print on his Diary. He was called Andrew.


"So, Andrew," I said, well into the lesson, "I haven't seen you around much, are you new?" He looked shocked, maybe because I knew his name, maybe because I had even spoke at all. He seemed nice, and if he was new, then he wouldn't be like the others would he? Feeling at ease, I relaxed back into my chair, letting my pencil drop to the tabletop.

"Actually, it's my first day." Andrew answered nervously. I nearly turned bright red. Wow, he must be really nervous if his day is anything like mine

"Oh, do you have any friends?" I asked politely.

"No, do you?" I didn't expect him to return the question, so when I didn't reply, he went on. "Because you don't look like it. Sitting here all alone, nobody's even come over to talk to you like they do other students. I know you probably wonder how I know this stuff, I'm very observant, apparently."  Observant, right, note to self.


I took a deep breath in, "Your observations were correction, I'm not exactly Miss Popular. But you seem nice, could we be friends?" Knowing it was rather forward of me, I still went ahead and asked.

"Sure. Friends." Andrew offered me his hand, and I shook it happily.

"We better get on, or my grades will take to a mysterious low." I grinned, and picked up my pencil.

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