Don't Lie; Love

'Don't Lie; Love' is an original idea, I came up with myself.
I do a lot of fan fictions about Justin because I've molded my writing to them.
I am starting write complete originals soon, but for now I feel more comfortable with fan fictions.
I hope you all don't mind, and still will read my story.
“You are beautiful,” he whispered in my ear.
My hands shook and tears swelled in my eyes as I clutched at his shirt, now stained with my emotions.
“Don’t lie,” I choked out gripping even tighter as I felt like I was going to fall off the face of the earth at any given moment...


4. Unworthy;

“April” My mum called tapping on my door. I rolled over groggily with my eyes open only slightly. They were dry and stuck from all the crying I had done. “April have you been out of bed today?” she asked eyeing me suspiciously I coughed to clear my throat and nodded cautiously, her eyes widened and her lips turned into a smile. “Really, April that’s the first time you’ve been up and around in a whole month!” she chimed. My eyes pricked with tears I thought I never had, they came spilling over my bottom lids and poured down my cheeks again hitting the duvet. “April?” My mum asked shocked “What’s wrong?” “I-I-I---” I stammered trying to explain through sobs. “Hunni calm down, stop crying and tell me when you’re ready okay. I can wait right here for you” she said instantly rushing to my bedside, placing her arms around me and rubbing my back soothingly.


After half an hour of crying I finally started to explain “J-Justin. I was watching tv and h-he was on.. h-he lied; he t-t-told the p-p-p-people I was a r-rumour!” I exclaimed throwing my hands to my face and scrunching my eyes up to prevent anymore tears. “Oh April I’m sorry!” My mum apologised wrapping her arms around me again “I didn’t mean what I said this morning, I can clearly see that boy was your everything but sweetie,” she said pulling back and wiping a few tears that had escaped. I looked at her and waited for her to continue, she sighed. “Hunni he isn’t worth all this, if that’s all you were to him why should you be wasting your time” She stated hugging me again. “You’ll find somebody who is worth your tears, and then when you do there should be no tears anyways.” She whispered in my ear stroking my hair like she used to when I was five. I sobbed quietly again into her shoulder, staining her t-shirt.


I couldn’t believe how right she was and how blind I was. I couldn’t see that Justin wasn’t coming back and he wasn’t worth anything. He doesn’t deserve someone to be in pain and suffering from heartache over him. After letting out the last of my emotions for the night I curled back up in bed to get some real rest.

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