Don't Lie; Love

'Don't Lie; Love' is an original idea, I came up with myself.
I do a lot of fan fictions about Justin because I've molded my writing to them.
I am starting write complete originals soon, but for now I feel more comfortable with fan fictions.
I hope you all don't mind, and still will read my story.
“You are beautiful,” he whispered in my ear.
My hands shook and tears swelled in my eyes as I clutched at his shirt, now stained with my emotions.
“Don’t lie,” I choked out gripping even tighter as I felt like I was going to fall off the face of the earth at any given moment...


6. Opening Up;

I walked along the pavement with my earphones in, I was listening to some Rihanna song from a few years back and walking fast to the beat. I reached my destination, Stratford mall, in under ten minutes. I walked through the entrance and headed straight for starbucks, I needed a cappuccino to wake me up because the hot cocoa I drank this morning did not help at all. I ordered the double sized version with chocolate sprinkles, paid and took an empty window seat. I watched as all the traffic and people went by; parents and their children, friends having a laugh and couples – young and old – being happy together. My heart was starting to hurt as I watched two young lovers holding hands and smiling at each other adoringly. It reminded me of how Justin and I used to be, before he left. Before his career shot our love down from cloud nine, we used to be as happy as the couple who were now hugging romantically in the mall. Warm water started to slowly trickle down my face and I wiped away at it, realising I had begun to cry. “Are you okay miss?” a voice asked. I turned to look at the waitress who was hovering over me with a concerned expression on her face. “Yes, I’m fine” I replied unconvincingly, dabbing the new tears with my sleeve that had appeared after the old ones were wiped away. She handed me a tissue and sat in front of me. “You don’t look okay miss, Do you want to talk about it? I’m on my break now anyways.” She asked me smiling slightly. I thought for a minute and nodded “Call me April” I replied quietly “Beth,” the waitress smiled a little wider “So what’s got you down the April? That’s a pretty name by the way” I thanked her and started explaining my situation.

Normally I wouldn’t open up to anybody never mind complete strangers that just happen to serve coffee at my local mall, but Beth seemed kind enough and something about her made me feel comforted and I opened up easily.




“So he left you?” She asked staring at me wide eyed. “Yes, but it was for his career.” I said sticking up for Justin a little. “Well I got that but he wouldn’t let you go with him? Why did you guys break up in the first place, by the sounds of things you were the perfect couple and you’ve said so yourself that he’s coming back today?” I nodded at her indirect question and prepared myself to answer the first. “He said it’d be too difficult for me, I wouldn’t be strong enough to go through the things he had to deal with. He loved me and that’s why he was letting me go.” I sniffled, immediately Beth reached another tissue out to me and I took it wiping away fresh tears once again. “Hunni I’m sorry, Maybes you could try patching things up with Justin when he comes back though?” She asked seeming a little hopeful herself. “That’s the thing Beth... He’s been telling everyone I’m just a rumour. He’s told the world we never existed, he lied.” I sobbed into the tissue. Beth reached a comforting hand across the table and patted my own hand that was layed helplessly. “Guys are all the same aren’t they? I swear my respect for him has just dropped right low. I used to be a belieber.. you know?” I looked at her through my blurry eyes. “You’re a fan?! I’m so sorry that must have been hard for you to hear, please forgive me” I panicked. Beth smiled “Shhh, I’m a big girl. Yes I used to think he was the most perfect guy in the world but you’ve just helped prove that we can’t trust any of them. You saved me really.” She chuckled. “Oh, well you’re welcome?” I said uncertainly and Beth grinned big. “A’da girl. So are you feeling better?” She asked. I nodded in return “Much, thankyou.” “Anything for a fellow female,” she chuckled “I’m here whenever you need to talk y’know, I don’t mind helping make people feel happy again. It gives me a sense of achievement so anytime you want to talk you know where to find me.” I smiled wiping my eyes once more and standing up. “Thankyou, the world needs more people like you; honest, caring and friendly” she gave me a slight hug. “I’ll see you later April, hope you enjoyed that Cappuccino” she waved as I walked out starbucks. I smiled back and nodded letting the door swing closed behind me.

I walked around the mall for a bit before reaching in my pocket and getting my phone out. I had three missed calls and two texts all from home. I guess they had noticed I’d gone, just as I tapped in the number my phone flashed showing home calling. I picked up bracing myself for the worst. “April?!” My mum shouted down the phone “Yeah mum, I’m sorry I didn’t pick up. I just need some time to myself.” I answered back. I heard her breathe a sigh of relief before she continued “Well okay sweetie, at least you got out to think and got some fresh air eh? Anyways hunni you’ve got a visitor.. Umm he’s been here a while now, he’s very patient but I think you should come see him soon before he explodes.” She laughed nervously. I nodded instantly realising my mum couldn’t see me so instead I spoke “Okay, I’ll be home in fifteen” I waited for my mum to say bye before I clicked the end call button.

I sighed, I was too tired to see guests but I guess since they were there and had been for however long I suppose I should say Hi at least  

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