Don't Lie; Love

'Don't Lie; Love' is an original idea, I came up with myself.
I do a lot of fan fictions about Justin because I've molded my writing to them.
I am starting write complete originals soon, but for now I feel more comfortable with fan fictions.
I hope you all don't mind, and still will read my story.
“You are beautiful,” he whispered in my ear.
My hands shook and tears swelled in my eyes as I clutched at his shirt, now stained with my emotions.
“Don’t lie,” I choked out gripping even tighter as I felt like I was going to fall off the face of the earth at any given moment...


8. Nightmare;

“Mum I really did love him” I wiped away tears again and she pulled me into her arms. “April I know, but love is a tough thing. You gotta be strong enough, you’re not ready yet.” She replied shushing me.

That night I had a nightmare; “April Marie Goulding?” the doctor asked, I looked up with mascara running down my face. “Yes?” I asked warily. “I’m sorry he didn’t make it. But we found this on him,” the doctor handed me a note which read;

April, I have always loved you. You were my life and now you’re gone there’s no point in me living. I will miss you. Love now and forever, Justin. xxx


I looked over at my mum; she was standing with Pattie, Jeremy, Justin’s friends and his team, and his younger brother and sister. They were all crying. “Mum?” I whispered reaching for her, she stepped away shaking from her cries. “April, you killed him... You tore him apart and you killed him.” my mum spoke with a venomous tone. “Mum I-” Pattie held up a hand. “If you mind April, we’re trying to mourn. Only people who love Justin are welcome.” She spat bitterly at me. My eyes flashed around everyone in the waiting room and they all glared at me through red, bulging, watery eyes.

I woke up breathless, needing some air. I rushed out of my bed and slung open my window sticking my head fully out. I took a deep breath, inhaling the fresh oxygen. I felt better immediately and I shut the window turning to go back to my bed, although I never felt like sleeping any longer; my nightmare had scared the hell out of me. I didn’t want to think of Justin dead, I still need him and I had lied to heal my own heart but I realise now that all I’ve done is torn it to shreds even more. I’ve broke Justin too. I need to fix him.

I looked at the clock on my bedside table, it was 6:00am. I could walk slowly to the mall. It would take half an hour at the least and by that time starbucks would be opening. Beth would be there and she’d help me, right? I pulled open my wardrobe doors and scanned the rails for some denim skinny jeans and a plain vest. I threw on some clean underwear, sprayed my deodorant and pulled on my clothes. I slipped a hoodie over my head and grabbed my phone. I stuck it in my pocket and headed to the bathroom. Picking up my hairbrush, I swept my hair into a side tail and knotted it. I brushed my teeth and rinsed my mouth out with mouthwash before wiping my face with a cloth. I couldn’t be bothered to put make-up on so I just left, looking natural.

The walk took exactly thirty-five minutes and twelve seconds. I had timed it whilst listening to my music. I pulled out my earphones as I headed into starbucks. It was almost completely empty except for a few early birds. I looked over at the counter, there Beth was stood beaming at me. “April!” she chimed coming over to me. “Beth” I replied being enveloped in her arms. “How are things sweetie, Cappuccino and chocolate sprinkles?” she asked I nodded sitting at the window spot I had last time I visited. “I’ll bring that over in a second. I just gotta attend to the person over there first.” She said looking in the direction of a young guy about our age. I couldn’t tell for sure because he had a hood up and he was looking down at the menu. I waited patiently for five minutes whilst Beth got his order. She returned to our table with my drink in her hand and a few tissues just in case. “Right now, what’s happened then April? What brings you here at seven-fifteen in the morning?” she asked, peering at me with a smile. “He came back” I started, I heard her gasp a little but she regained composure. “He came back and I told him I didn’t need him.” I told her already feeling my eyes get wet. “Here,” Beth said handing me a tissue, I took it and sniffled starting up the waterworks as I spoke. “I love him Beth, I really do. But he’s gone now.” I cried. Beth shook her head, “Sweetie if he loves you, he’ll still be here.” She said softly. “But I told him it wont work out between us, he probably hates me now.” I replied, my voice hoarse. “He wont hate you April” Beth replied holding my arm across the table. “I had a nightmare.. He k-k-killed h-himself. H-he left a n-n-note saying he had always l-loved m-m-me.” I hiccupped. Beth’s eyes widened and she stood up, walking to my side and wrapping her arms around me. “Sweetie, I’ll be back in a second” she said softly in my ear before heading over to the other customer. I sobbed quietly until she came back. “April,” Beth’s voice reached me, I heard her feet shuffle and I looked up to see the guy wearing the hoodie stood beside her. “Wh-who’s this?” I asked wiping away my tears. “April,” he breathed out. I instantly recognised his voice. “J-J-Justin?” I said in disbelief “Do you want me to stay April?” Beth asked, I nodded and she smiled small taking a seat beside me. “April I hadn’t realised I had caused you so much hurt until you told me you no longer needed me.” Justin said sitting opposite me. “I had a nightmare,” I said. Justin shook his head “I guess we both did,” he replied removing a sheet of paper from his pocket. He handed it to me and my hands trembled as I read it. It had the same words I had read in my nightmare;


April, I have always loved you. You were my life and now you’re gone there’s no point in me living. I will miss you. Love now and forever, Justin. xxx


“You were going to do it then? You were going to leave me?” I choked out. Justin stared at me, as if he was searching for something. He sighed and sat up straight “April I thought you didn’t love me anymore and I can’t live without your love” he put his head in his hands. “You don’t have to” I whispered biting my lip. Justin’s head lifted slightly and I could see some sort of relief in his eyes. “Justin I love you, I always have and always will.” I said a little louder. Justin reached across the table and touched my cheek, wiping a stray tear away.  

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